Beach, unspoilt..

Unspoilt shores along ECR

After all those weekends, spending time at the crowded malls, theaters, beaches, restaurants and streets, I decided to explore a not-so-well-known beach. This one is just a few kilometers before Mamallapuram (aka Mahabalipuram), and I won’t reveal the exact location. At least, let this beach be free from the mindless crowd (educated and ignorant) that don’t give a damn about the environment, and cleanliness. Another reason I won’t reveal the location is because I don’t want to spoil the peace of the adjoining fishermen village. Let the city filth stay where they belong!

Now, some pics with vivid tones, and blur/bloom effects..

Unspoilt shores along ECR

fishermen along the ECR

catch of the day - fishermen's life

hazed horizons on the ECR

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  1. The place looks awesome! Nice captures!!

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