Change of schedule

The Indian gooseberry tree

The climatic patterns need to be rewritten. Just nine days ago, the minimum night temperature was 18 degree Celsius. Last night it was 26 degrees!

The Indian gooseberry tree in our house comes to life in mid-December, every year.

The Indian gooseberry tree

Last December, nothing happened – thought the tree missed the schedule. Well, it woke up just 5 days ago – vivid green and happy! It’s off schedule by a little over two months. Trees missing seasons, and summer ahead of schedule. 2012 is just around the corner. Just kidding!


  1. Mr007

    Yeah, this sucks big time dude. Last 10 years the weather has been fucked up in the name of progress.
    I remember the coolest winters and warms summers when I was a child, but nowadays winter feels as spring and summer feels like hell… sad.

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