Your iPhone will serve you better and longer if you pay an appropriate attention and care for it. Remember such simple rules like “Don’t forget it under the sun” or “Don’t throw it wherever you wish”. Don’t turn your almighty iPhone into useless thing!

We are here to help you with helpful suggestions regarding how not turn your almighty iPhone into useless thing and keep it in safety. So, you can protect your iPhone…:

1. With the help of its cover

The thicker the screen cover is, the better your iPhone will be protected. If you usually carry your iPhone in your pocket, don’t forget to put it the way it’s screen faces your body.

2. By using iPhone cases

You should always use cases for your iPhone protection, and it’s better to use rubber cases. The latter ones are manufactured to be enough enduring and shock-resistant.

3. By keeping it away from water

From the technical point of view, this is vitally important, as water can easily damage the iPhone logic board and cause corrosion.

4. By not leaving it to chance

It’s important to keep your iPhone away from heat as iPhone parts can easily melt. So, be more attentive if you’re among those people who are used to leave their iPhones in their cars or on their bike under the sun, or just wherever it is. Besides, always try to keep your iPhone together with you – out of others’ reach.

5. By using password and locking

It’s highly recommended to put a password on your iPhone or just lock it. This way you’ll protect your mobile device from strangers’ access to it. Quite naturally, this will bring peace to your mind depriving you from worries concerning the information stored on your iPhone.

6. With the help of iPhone insurance

iPhone insurance is another way to protect your mobile device from damages. What is more, such insurance is of great help in case your iPhone is stolen. You may choose an appropriate insurance in accordance with different insurance terms and polices. On the other hand, you may turn to a traditional insurance company. Be aware, that you won’t be offered insurance for your iPhone by AT&T and Apple. As for annual insurance costs, they vary from $15-$40. So, you are free to choose the one that is most affordable and convenient for you.

7. Using mobile monitoring software

Such software is very useful for keeping your iPhone safe. There a few apps that offer a wide range of interesting features (for example, mSpy is one of the best iPhone monitoring programs). These cell phone tracking tools are developed to be installed right on the target phone. So, after being downloaded from the internet and installed following the instructions, they start operating inside the target mobile device. From now on, anything occurring inside the target phone becomes within your reach. This refers to both SMS and email control, web browsing history and app control, call log and GPS location control. As you see, being equipped with all these opportunities, mobile monitoring software is ready to provide full protection to your phone. So, whenever your iPhone is stolen or lost, you can easily know its location by just turning to GPS tracking feature for some help.