There are Androids and iPhones and till recently no one even wanted to mention that there is another (Windows) Smartphone player that is fighting for the piece of Smartphones market cake.  Once Windows decided to market new Windows 8, things may turn better for this popular software developer.

Some may say that they should stick with the OS for PC but they won’t let the golden egg out of their hands, that’s for sure. The latest release of the Samsung Windows 8 phone showed us great looking piece of the hardware that will definitely reach the hands of a lot of gamers.

What can gamers expect out of the new Windows 8?

Of course the newest changes will be the design and overall looks, the use of Skype and VOIP which is great for business. It really looks nifty but the gamers are interested in what’s inside of the machine and how fast game apps will hit the market.

There is not much info on this one; we only know that the development of the games for Windows 8 phones will be easy, swift. Why is this? Because there are tons of games for PC using Windows 8, so all they have to do is to switch the code a bit and here you are- Games for Windows 8 delivered in a few weeks time.

One of the gaming platforms that will (announced on of September) sign a deal with Windows to live-stream the games on Windows 8 devices is Agawi, specialist for iPhone and Android market. They decided to enter Windows 8 phones but they will target mostly the games that do not require massive hardware (3D FPS).

What games have the chance to become popular on Windows 8?

We don’t know how interesting will Windows 8 be for gamers since the development of gaming apps (so far ) was going in this line – First developers launch app for iPhone, after this for Android devices and if they are still in the mood they also make the game for Windows OS.

Big Fish’s Solitaire Golf is the first game that was showed at Windows Phone Summit in San Francisco and this game was used to explain how easy it is to take a PC game and turn it into Smartphone games in matter of weeks. It looks really nice but this is just the beginning so let’s move forward.

The Treasures of Montezuma is a time waster of its kind and be sure to download this one from the Windows app marketplace once you get the new Windows 8. You Nokia Lumia will shine as the brightest star deep in the night before you fall asleep. Just make sure you don’t have to rush to the job early in the morning. Totems, artifacts, adventure and great looks will take a lot of your time.

Bomberman Vs. Zombies is a really cute and playable game. You’re playing as a Bomberman (which have 5 lives) and you have to go through the level by killing all the zombies out there. Zombies have AI and some of them are smarter than the rest of the bunch so take care while flying around. On the good side you will have set of different types of the bombs so use them wisely.

Archer is…well the name says it all. You’re an archer that needs to hit the bull’s eye. It sounds boring but this type of game can never be boring and Archer developers made sure to deliver great graphics, great quality sound and an interesting game play. You can play against your family or friends and fight for the cup.

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