Technology in the daily routine makes life easier than the days of mechanical cars and appliances.

It’s morning!

You know this because your Sleep Cycle app with its infinite wisdom determined that 5:47 is the time you usually wake up, at least for today. A quick glance at your smartphone reveals you have 12 new followers on your blog and 27 people “Liked” your status about the fat chipmunk. After checking your email and listening to your voicemail, you grab your cup of coffee and head out the door.Our advanced technological society

Juggling briefcase, car keys, steaming mug of java and your backpack you catch a glimpse of the mailman just in the nick of time to avoid a collision — do they still deliver daily mail? You say farewell to the kids as they board the school bus, put down your load of daily necessities to unlock the car door, unlock the door, gather everything up, get in and start the car. Backing out of the driveway you wish there was an app for the morning commute.

In the not-too-distant future, there might be an app for that, as well. Technology is rapidly changing the everyday routine for adults everywhere.

Mail and Communications

With email, online billing, electronic bill pay and instant messaging the mailman carries a much smaller pouch these days. The number of people that rely on physical mail is shrinking, and the U.S. Postal Service is considering closing hundreds of local stations to save money.

However, don’t expect the U.S. Postal Service to disappear. New technology utilizing address software to improve efficiency and lower costs is already streamlining operations. UK drivers renew their drivers license at the local post office thanks to cutting-edge document and identification technology. I’m sure you’ll find convenient items like gift cards coming soon to a post office near your location.

The Way You Drive: Technology Behind the Wheel

Fumbling with the car keys is a thing of the past. Standard equipment on most new cars includes keyless entry and remote-starter features. Onboard GPS technology guides you around during traffic jams and road construction. In the future, intelligent-design features that help you avoid pedestrian accidents, park in tight spaces and monitor road conditions will keep you safer while on the road.

Remember that app to make the commute easier? According to The Economist, Google is working on a totally “driverless” auto — one that relies on computerization and never drives drunk or distracted.

The Way You Work

More than half of all companies in the U.S. use video and web conferencing tools.

In November 2011, Ericka Chickowski (Channel Insider) reported that almost 50 percent of businesses used cloud technology. Cloud-based technology creates a new working environment that brings consultants, developers and front-line employees together in ways never imagined before. Whether you are a doctor, an accountant, a developer or a media consultant, the virtual office is your office of the future.

Getting Your Education

From robotic teachers to virtual classrooms, education is changing dramatically. Gamification techniques appeal to students of every age, and you’ll see them in the classroom more frequently. If you are a visual learner, check out the technology behind Google Glass. The visual effects redefine computer-assisted learning. Whether it’s address software at the post office or innovative glasses that let you see the world from a new perspective, technology is changing the way we live life.