Benjamin Edelstein’s Poetic Captures [High-res pictures]

Benjamin Edelstein Photography!

It’s nice to know that even in a city as busy and hectic as Miami, you can still find solitude and tranquility. This location overlooks the magnificent ocean and seems to go on for eternity. I waited for a storm the previous evening to roll by to assure I would have nice formations with the clouds. In the particular photo the sunrise brings a sense of warmth and life to the scene while enhancing the blue hue in the water.

Benjamin Edelstein photography

The Florida Keys is a great weekend escape from constant deadline and the daily grind. I had visited this location earlier in the day, and knew that I wanted to photograph this perspective as sunset. The calming waters led to a beautiful reflection, and the vibrant skies filled the frame. The pier brings the viewer into the scene, and combined with the vivid colors helps creates a serene scene.

Benjamin Edelstein photography

 This rock preserve in Florida is a splendid location, and only an hour north from my hometown of Miami. Timing for this photograph was everything as I had to wait for sunset as well as the low tide. What used to be covered with water no glistens with radiant colors and textures. This is a perfect example of finding an escape in your own backyard.

Benjamin Edelstein photography

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