Five fantastic tower defense games for Android

Guest post by Aleksandar Smith

Here are five Android games based on the principles of tower defense. They are all highly rated in the Google Play store, and each are becoming more and more popular as time goes on.

Fantasy Kingdom Defense

fantasy-Kingdom-defense gameYou have to take command of a small group of mythical characters to help defeat the waves of demons being hurled at your kingdom. There are over twenty levels to play, with two different playing modes you can try. The game comes with a storyline, which is not a very common occurrence with tower defense games. You can use both close quarters and long distance fighting methods, and you gain different awards for defeating different levels. It has a very nice soundtrack, the game dynamics are fluid and the cartoon drawn graphics are pleasing to the eye.

Medieval Castle Defense

Medieval Castle Defense android gameWith over 16,000 reviews on the Google Play store, you would think this game was near perfect. But, sadly it is let down by its lack luster visuals. Otherwise, it is a very enjoyable and addictive game. It is for casual gamers who can just pick up and drop the game as and when. This means it is lots of fun, but it does not have a very long shelf life. It is well made and enjoyable, but not a game that you are going to play for months and months on end.

Epic Defense – the Elements

Epic Defense – the Elements android gameWith this game, you really feel that you are getting your moneys worth. It has very nice visuals, especially when you cast offensive weapons against enemies. You are placed back in time and have to defend your town and castle against the power of darkness. But, you get to play with defense towers that have supernatural powers such as fork lightening and volcanoes. It becomes very addictive very quickly. It has an element of RPG within the game, which makes it more challenging whilst also making it more fun to play over extended periods.

Garfield’s Defense 2

Garfield's Defense 2 android gameEven though it is listed as a tower defense game, you get the feeling it is more of a command and conquer game. It has very well drawn characters, which are very bright and well produced. You have to fight off waves of attackers with your classic Garfield characters, each of whom have a life bar of their own. The first game had aliens attacking the fridge, but they are now attacking places that make great food such as Paris. There is even a level in the North Pole, as Garfield has to defend Christmas food from the attacking aliens.

Nexus Defense (Tower game)

Nexus Defense android gameThis is a tower defense game, although the towers may be made mobile, which is a very clever move by the development team in ensuring this game is a little different to other tower defense games. The graphics are pretty good, as is the game dynamic. The towers are futuristic in nature, as are the attackers, and each of the six available towers may be upgraded. The game also makes use of high and low terrain, which is another factor that too few tower defense games take into consideration.

The list has been contributed by tower defense zone website dedicated to online tower defense and strategy games.

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