Top 10 Most Affordable Gadgets for Christmas [2011]

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Guest post by Kathleen Hubert

The still stagnant economy has many consumers facing another Christmas season on a tight budget. But being low on cash doesn’t mean you have to be low on technology. Here are 10 great gadgets that are affordable enough to give out this holiday season.
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10. Amazon Kindle – $114 $79 onwards

Although there are many options now on the market when it comes to e-readers, the Amazon Kindle sells the best out of all of them for a reason. Combine the amazing E-ink technology with a brand new $114 $79 price point and you get a device that’s a wonderfully affordable gift for any big reader, especially those on the go.

9. Garmin Nüvi 1300 Portable GPS Navigator – $100

A GPS system is a must have for any vehicle’s these days. At only $100, this Garmin gives you a wide-screen, millions of interest points in 48 states, and even bus and subway maps to navigate a city’s Metro system. It is a great gift for any traveler.

8. Sony Walkman S-544 8 GB Video MP3 Player – $100

The S-544 comes with 8gb, a nice screen for watching videos, and a very sleek and stylish design. It comes with all of the functionality of a iPod nano at a third of the price, making it a great affordable gift.

7. Canon PowerShot A495 10.0 MP Digital Camera – $70

The Canon PowerShot A495 is perfect for every family’s budding photographer. It has a great 3.3 optical zoom and takes 10 MP quality pictures which you can view on the 2.5 inch LCD screen. It is arguably the best affordable camera on the market today.

6. LG BD630 Blu-ray Player – $88

There was a time where a $400 Blu-ray player would be the most affordable, and an $88 one would be a dream. But that time is no more as prices for these players continue to drop. The LG BD630 offers standard Blu-ray playback along with Wi-Fi connectivity. Any person with a HDTV should have one of these as the quality is amazing and more affordable than ever.

5. Logitech Harmony 650 Remote – $55

If you know anyone who loves their home entertainment system, this would be the gift to get the, The Logitech Harmony universal remote can be programmed to control up to 5 devices using a color LCD screen and PC programming. At only $55, it is perfect for any home theater user.

4. Flip Mino HD Camcorder – $75

It is time to help a loved one upgrade to the HD video era. With the Flip MinoHD, recording HD videos and sharing them is as easy a s few button presses. The quality is fantastic, and for the price of $75 it makes a great gift for anyone.

3. Motorola S305 BT Headset – $30

This is not your standard business man phone headset. The S305 acts as MP3 headphones, offering stereo sound along with a bluetooth mic and on-ear buttons for easy control of your phone conversations and music. Best of all, this headset only costs $30.

2. Philips Norelco 7310XL Men’s Shaver – $40

There are still men out there who haven’t experienced the convenience and ease of a good electric razor because of cost. Philips has taken cost out of the equation with the Norelco 7310XL. It only costs $40 and gives a shave that would make any man who cares about his face happy.

1. Black & Decker DCM18S Coffeemaker – $15

The most affordable gift on the list, the B & D Brew ‘n Go is a godsend for any coffee lover on the go. It brews single servings straight into a travel mug in mere minutes. This is a great and economic gift to round out the list.

As this list shows, there are some great gadgets out there that you can buy as gifts and not worry about breaking the bank like those that are seen in TV. Finding them just requires some research and shopping savvy. Happy gifting!

Kathleen Hubert is a blogger who writes on a variety of different sites. Check out more of her work at LED TV.

Item prices are indicative, and derived from Amazon | Ebay | Nextag | Walmart

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