Over the past 3.5 years, eCommerce in India has been flourishing. Thanks to the proliferation of the Internet – both landline and mobile, and the rapidly increasing smartphone market share. During the same period, people started leaning more towards online classifieds sites to buy and sell their wares. OLX, the online classifieds giant, entered the market with a unique differentiator – a lucid interface between the buyers and sellers!

Free OLX mobile appNow, this lucid interface even got better with the OLX free app, supporting all known mobile platforms – iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Android. Check out the cool video below to see how functional this app is – both from the buyer and a seller perspectives.

Right from the start, the OLX website has been designed with enabling the buyer interact with the seller directly, via email or phone. It doesn’t stop there – the embedded Google maps shows the location of the seller, right from within the ad listing. With the new mobile app, OLX takes this functionality even further by:

  • making it easier to click pictures with your smartphone, uploading it and creating an ad instantly, and publishing it
  • making use of the cell phone’s location for better searching and browsing of products around you
  • sharing your ads via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and email, and reaching a bigger audience at no cost!
  • enabling you use OLX in your local language

Well, though you can view the mobile version of the OLX website on your smartphone’s browser, a native app (on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc) makes use of the available APIs to enable key features like location, photo clicking from within the app, and easy uploading – a perfect, uncluttered user experience. It’s a win-win-win situation for OLX, buyers and sellers.

What are you waiting for? Download the OLX app for your iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Other platforms.

Smart selling and easy buying from the palm of your hands, don’t you agree?