Whether you are technically minded or not, when it comes to mobile phones, having the latest model has become a must. One of the companies at the forefront of offering the best in new technology isApple, and in particular the brand new Apple iPhone 5.

iPhone-5-buy-sell Why and how to get your hands on the new iPhone 5

Whether you are an Apple fan or not it is hard to deny that the iPhone 5 is today’s ‘must have’ smartphone.

Why choose the iPhone 5?

Among the number of upgrades from the much-loved iPhone 4S, you will find a slimmer and lighter handset which is just as easy to hold, view and type with one hand for those times when you need to be in contact on the go. The re-design also now offers a larger touchscreen, which seems even better than the previous model thanks to the advanced Retina Display. Now the colours are boosted and images are crisp and clear.

Thanks to the internal A6 chip, the iPhone 5 is now far more powerful than past models. Whether you need to launch a number of apps at once or are surfing through web pages, the power is always there and new pages open instantly. And, despite the extra power behind the phone, you will now benefit from even longer battery life, meaning you can spend longer on call time or get greater game play options.

The additional extras you will receive have been upgraded too, in particular the enhanced headphones which are now more comfortable and offer a better sound. Apple has realised that many people are multi-tasking with their iPhones and the iPhone 5 now has an impressive 8 mega pixel camera and three microphones on the front, back and base of the phone to offer clearer audio.

How do I get one?

As you would imagine, the iPhone 5 is proving popular and getting hold of one might not be that easy – or cheap. However, there are a couple of options to choose from when it comes to making an iPhone 5 your own.

First, consider trading in your current smartphone, whether you are the owner of a past iPhone model or not. Of course, if you did want to sell iPhone models from the past, you should not be surprised to know that most Apple models tend to hold their value and you could make a fair amount of cash to put towards your new iPhone 5 instead. However, you should not worry if you do not have an Apple handset to trade in or sell as many of the latest handsets from other manufacturers are just as sell-able.

Alternatively, get to know the vast amount of deals that are out in the market at the moment as the network providers are all eager to coax you to their plans and contracts. If you are happy to have your iPhone 5 as part of a monthly contract deal you can get hold of the handset quickly and essentially spread the cost over the length of your contract. This is a good option if you do not have a chunk of money to buy Apples handset upfront.