Built in 1 B.C.

Constructed in 1 B.C. by Ko Chengot Chola

Enjoying the Indian rains? I’m sure it’s equally enjoyable driving around craters on the road, during and after the rains. This happens every year, and we get a new thin layer of tarmac-asphalt – which again deteriorate in no time.

Constructed in 1 B.C. by Ko Chengot Chola

The picture above was taken 20 days ago, @Thiruvanaikaval temple, Trichy. This was constructed in 1 B.C by Ko Chengot Cholan (Chenkannan Chozhan). After over 2000 years, we’ve made strides in quality infrastructure, where speed-breakers serve as axle breakers, roads that serve as rain-water harvest craters, and new buildings that leak and with floor cracks!

After all, it’s not the roads that deteriorate…

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