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LeZo ROM for Motorola XT502 [Android 2.3.7]

This is the latest ROM that I tried on my Motorola XT502 a couple of days ago. I like the look and feel, especially the fluidity of this build. However, do note that this LeZo ROM is still in beta – it’s buggy with quite a few FCs (force closures). As it’s my wife’s primary phone, I’m back to Fromania so that she doesn’t get mad at me for beta testing with her phone.

Do check out the pics below:

LeZo ROM for Motorola XT502 Commtiva Z71 clones

LeZo Rom for Commtiva z71 clones

DOWNLOAD | more pics & info

EAv7.2 – CM7.1 ROM for Motorola XT502

This is the latest version of the most stable CM7.1-based ROM – EAv7 series. Most of the features mentioned in the previous post remain unaltered.

new flash and boot animation EAv7.2 CM7.1 ROM

Some minor changes:

  • New flash and boot animation – liking it!
  • Minor tweaks to improve overall performance and stability
  • Slightly better (fluid) ADW launcher

DOWNLOAD EAv7.2 (zip file)| more info…

.nb0 files – EAv7.2 .nb0 file Modem REV: FXX-2-25D-00 or EAv7.2 .nb0 file Modem REV: FXX-3-220-00. Download the one that suits your phone’s modem (call end + vol up + power).

TIP: Installing .nb0 ROMs.

CyanogenMod 7.1 EAv7 – Gingerbread ROM for Motorola XT502

Here’s the most recent version of the CM7.1 based Gingerbread ROM for Motorola XT502 and Commtiva Z71 devices. Just a few days ago, the kernel was released – finding it pretty good with its smartass version 2 CPU governor. I believe this CM7.1 EAv7 ROM should provide you a slightly better 3D experience.

Cyanogenmod 7.1 EAv7 screenshot

Performance improvements:

  • Updated kernel
  • Updated applications
  • Improved Wi-Fi
  • Adreno 200 drivers to improve 3D performance by 50%
  • GPS fix
  • System-wide performance tweaks

Go ahead and give it a try. I’m sure you will love this for the battery life and ROM stability.

DOWNLOAD (updated download link to EAv7.1 version)| more info…

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