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SuperOSR v2.2.0 – Gingerbread ROM for Motorola XT502

If you have tried the SuperOSR v2.0.1 on your Motorola XT502/Commtiva Z71 device, it’s time to upgrade to the latest version.

According to the changelog:

  • WiFi and WiFi-tethering problems have been fixed
  • New CPU governor called InteractiveOSR
  • Minor improvements/OS tweaks
  • Updated Google apps
  • New lock screen
  • Newer graphics

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Given the pretty long time taken by the Superteam in fixing bugs, I don’t think I will be trying this version anytime soon. Having said that, the superteam have been giving us one of the best Gingerbread ROMs for Motorola XT502/Commtiva Z71 devices. It may be worth a try. Anyone?

CM7 EAv6 – Android 2.3.7 ROM for Motorola XT502 [Review]

Today, I installed the CM7 EAv6 Gingerbread ROM. It’s been quite a while since I found a stable ROM after getting bored with the SuperAOSP 8.6 AW. This one is nice,… so far!

cm7-EAv6-gingerbread-ROM CM7 EAv6 - Android 2.3.7 ROM for Motorola XT502 [Review]


  • Better kernel than the one that comes in CM7 nightlies
  • Makes a positive difference when overclocked – tried values between 672 MHz and 768 MHz (tip: I use No-frills CPU to overclock. The post will tell you why)
  • Noticeably faster and fluid
  • I was using the nightly build and the Wi-Fi was really good. With EAv6, I don’t see much difference. However, if you’re coming from an older build (like 2.3.3 or 2.3.5) you will see a great difference in Wi-Fi connectivity/performance
  • Answering calls a lot better than CM7 nightlies
  • Battery life – 100 times better than CM7 nightly builds. Will update after 48 hours of usage


  • None at the moment – will update in 24 hours if anything turns up bad

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Installation tip: If you’re already on one of the CM7 nightlies, all you need to do is apply the zip via ROM Manager/recovery menu. If you’re coming from Froyo, then install this ROM via SUTLR and then apply the zip.

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The best kernel for Cliq/Dext – performance and battery life!

If you’re using the CM7 nightly for your Motorola Cliq/Dext, you should check the improvised kernel from Nelson Giordano. Firstly, this kernel features a new governor, Smartass V2, which does an excellent job in balancing system performance and battery consumption. I was never a fan of the original Smartass governor that lead to really annoying problems like the music stutter.

Smartass V2 stands out. Two full days with heavy talking, Wi-Fi and EDGE usage! I have been using this since 2nd October – no force closures, no freezes, no reboots. Never come across such a lovely kernel! Wish Nelson had produced such efficient kernels for Commtiva Z71 devices too.

DOWNLOAD, flash using ClockworkMod recovery and enjoy! The latest nightlies (CM7) have this kernel.