If you’re an avid gamer or you know anything about programming, jailbreaking is definitely something to consider. By using this simple hack for your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Apple TV, you can easily unlock downloadable features and programs that are restricted to other users—jailbreaking gives you a new, very exclusive device. However, after jailbreaking, many users don’t know which apps to download in order to get the most out of their jailbroken device. This list of five apps is a collection of useful, popular, cool, and ground-breaking apps for jailbroken iOS devices—in short, here are the five best free apps available for you today.

iPhone game boy emulator

5)      TapTap Revolution

The “Tap Tap” games have become one of the most recognizable series in mobile device gameplay today. Available on Cydia for free is TapTap Revolution, the version of Tap Tap Revenge for jailbroken devices. Tap Tap Revolution is very addicting, especially because it can be played along to your favorite music, but most importantly, the game is free!

4)      Activator

Gamers often have difficulty controlling an iOS device during gameplay, especially with the many limitations set by Apple. Activator allows you to program more functions and gestures into your device which can facilitate your gameplay. For example, you can change the button with which the screen is locked or the number of times to press the home button for the app to cancel, so that accidental presses of these buttons will not interfere with your gaming. This is an extremely useful app for users of emulators because it provides an optimal environment for gaming.

3)      RockApp

Most jailbreakers and gamers are familiar with Cydia and the function that it serves for a jailbroken device, but not nearly as many know about RockApp. RockApp is available for free through Cydia and can be downloaded in order to find more, different apps from the ones that Cydia provides. The reason it is ranked at number three on this list is that it allows you a trial period for most items, so you can either play and finish a game before your trial is over or you can at least test it out and figure out whether it is worth buying, which is luxury which Cydia does not provide.

2)      Dreamboard

Many potential Apple customers are driven away from the company’s products due to its impersonal format and, to many users, uninteresting interface. While Apple may call this interface “user-friendly”, others see it as boring. With Dreamboard, which is now free, the format of an iOS device is completely customizable and can even be made to look exactly like an Android device or Windows device. Dreamboard comes in at number two because it has only been free for a few months now and it is undoubtedly one of the most unrestrictive format customization apps available for jailbroken devices. Plus, it is extremely easy to use, easily making it the best competitor for format customization apps right now.

1)      Video Game Emulators

Video Game emulators allow you to play games from your favorite video game consoles for free (including the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, SNES, PlayStation, Sega Genesis, and other arcade game consoles). There are several competing emulators for each console, all of which have different advantages and disadvantages, but every gamer can find a great emulator which serves his or her purposes. After downloading the emulator, the ROM for the game must be downloaded and saved on the user’s device. Then, depending on the emulator, the game’s progress can either be saved directly in-game or externally through the emulator itself, which, in many games, can provide an even less restrictive and better experience for the gamer. Emulators are easily the biggest advantage of jailbreaking for avid gamers and non-gamers who simply wish to relive their past, which is why it appears at the top of this list.

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