Guest post by Kandace Heller

Control from your smartphone

Advanced technology has prompted a new level of integration between electronic devices. Platform compatibility is witnessing a universalized revolution, which allows gadgets to interact with each other in innovative ways. A primary example of this streamlining trend is the ability that smartphones possess to control other modern systems and appliances. These mobile units are rapidly gaining new capabilities. The following list showcases equipment that can be remotely operated by a smartphone interface, which demonstrates just how powerful these handheld devices have become.


The efficiency of satellite connectivity has enabled smartphones with the capacity to control different kinds of cameras from distant locations. Directions can be given to security cameras from a touch screen that steers rotational surveillance. Several feeds can be monitored at the same moment. A mobile device can be instantaneously transformed into a comprehensive visual command station. Digital cameras can also be accessed by a smartphone to fine-tune the dimensions of every snapshot.

Home Security

The safety of any property can be guaranteed with the addition of a properly outfitted smartphone. Every aspect of home security can be directly tapped into with the right applications installed. Burglar alarms can be given non-stop attention and maintenance. Every motion that occurs in a person’s abode can be tracked from any place that has satellite reception. “Many home security systems are designed to intuitively mesh with any smartphone’s firmware,” said Amanda Young, a Fort Lauderdale home security system expert from

Computer Hardware

Basic computer settings can be altered with ease using an external mobile device. Furthermore, people can gain access to their hard drive through wireless communication. They can transfer files, store back-up copies and share data with other users. The mouse cursor on screen can be moved through remote manipulation. Even the keyboard can receive input from an external spot without any physical connection to the computer.

Television and Video

Almost every media streaming service has designed a unique application to access entertainment material while on the move. Videos can be seamlessly watched on a smartphone, but the device can also be transformed into a remote control for a digital television. This phenomenal feature eliminates the need for several remotes.

Car Systems and Accessories

Mechanical upkeep has never been easier. Mileage can be closely monitored, and extensive usage details are recorded. Car lights can be quickly adjusted with a single tap of the screen, and secondary power supplies can be thoroughly watched to prevent system failure. Door locks can be activated in seconds. The horn can even be used through a smartphone.