The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed everybody’s way of thinking and living. In the industry of home automation, the IoT devices have shown us the new future of homes and standardized living.

Smart homes made with these connected devices have filled our lives with more comfort and convenience. Imagine, you are cooking and you have to order some items from Amazon and you ask Amazon Echo to do this for you and your job is done. This is just an example of home automation which is expanding at really fast pace with Internet of Things.

We have come up with the list of top 5 Us based IoT startups in home automation space that look very promising. Let’s take a look at these companies who are determined to make our life easier with superior technology and innovation.

Halo Home (Headquarters: San Francisco)

Halo home automation security
Halo Home believes the best technology is invisible. It is the perfect blend of smart home technology, fashion, and décor. Brian Cox and Rob Chong started this intelligent luxurious home automation company, though it is not completely launched yet. It mainly focuses on intelligent and secure homes where the owners/occupants can have peace of mind 24/7. It will be interesting to see what all technologies Halo Home can introduce when at full throttle.

IOTAS (Headquarters: Portland)

IOTAS smart wall outlet
The US home automation and security market is expected to be at $10.3 billion by 2019. IOTAS is a leading connected-home startup company that is taking on Google and Amazon by targeting a highly specific section of the home dwellers.

Originally published on DeviceForward.