A quick look at Honeycomb (Android 3.0)

In a few hours from now, there will be thousands of news articles on the latest gadgets, innovation and technology – live from the floors of CES 2011.

CES 2011 android palm webos 2

Going by the latest trending topics on Twitter, Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and Android-based phones and tablets are going to get the maximum visibility. Find below a video teaser of the Honeycomb version of Android for tablets (from Google Mobile Blog):

Sure, the Honeycombs and Gingerbreads would taste yummy and crunchy. Having said that, Palm WebOS 2.0 really has the potential to create a lot of buzz if HP comes up with some improved hardware and a variety (choice! people want a lot of ‘em!) of (good-looking) phone models. Palm WebOS 2.0 looks pretty impressive when we talk about certain keywords like multi-tasking and speed. Well, if I have the choice of choosing from a high-end Android phone (like Nexus S / HTC Desire / Motorola Droids) or Palm’s latest, I would choose the latter.

With enough focus on Android and Palm WebOS 2.0 in this CES 2011, I’m curious to see what other products/innovations, Windows Mobile 7, Samsung Bada and iPhone iOS will have to show off.

Just waiting…

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  1. Joel Rhine says:

    pls post if u get a stable version of 3.0 for Motorola xt502
    thanks :)

  1. January 6, 2011

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