After iPhone 4S, What Is Next For Apple?

iPhone 4S - Apple Inc future

Guest post by Kathleen Hubert

(The future of Apple, that is the question!)

The excellence of the standards set forth in the iPhone 4S has opened Pandora’s box with questions that have begun to plague the minds of people about the continuation of Apple’s dominance in the area of mobile communication and digital technology. The majority of questions, for example, which are asked about the iPhone 4S are not about its excellence, progressiveness or the style. No, these are not the questions that slumber in the minds of the people. Although the iPhone 4S has been on the market for a short period of time, people realize it is already history. It is old news that no longer excite the curiosity of the present generations. The questions are now directed towards the future. They buzz through people’s minds like bumble bees seeking pollen. If someone were asked what question they would like to ask Apple, it would probably be something like, whether or not Apple can maintain its dominance on the market the next five to ten years and if so, with what?

iPhone 4S - Apple Inc future

With the release of the iPhone 4S, a significant event took place that catapulted it into the history books. Sure Siri, the iCard and iMessage are excellent features, however, the iPhone 4S, more than any other generation of the iPhone, is connected with the death of its founder. It has projected the Apple family into an immense challenge to stay ahead, and Apple’s competitors are anxious to see what will happen next. It is all about a vision defined in a legacy left behind. Can a team continue to be a collective of “Queen bees” that not only implement know-how and expertise through innovation, but also create new technologies that will impregnate and dominate the world? Will Apple concern themselves with camouflaging old technology and calling it new as with the new backlight on some mobiles, which speak of their product’s led TV reviews? Or will they continue to lead the market and develop devices that will project us far into the future?

These are all philosophical questions that cannot be answered at the moment. If the answers were known, no one would be left to speculate about the future of Apple and what happens next. What we do know, is that if Apple wants to maintain its dominance, it will have to be creative. It is not enough to rename old technology and call it new. Anyone can do that. Besides, renaming something old into something new only causes confusion among consumers. LCD and LED TV reviews are similar in explanation but used for different devices. Apple has proven over the years that they do not divert to this kind of distortion.

The challenge lies in creating what others thought impossible. That is how it all started with the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. While others were busy doing what everybody else did, Apple stepped outside of the box and did something that others thought could not be done and that is what Apple is all about.

So, What happens next?

Again, that is a good question that no one but the people at Apple can answer at the moment, and they are not talking. The iPad 3 will be presented but the specifications have not been made known yet. The iPhone 5 will follow. However, rest assured that in whichever direction they move, it will be like the move of the “Queen Bumblebee.” It will be a step that points toward the future.

Kathleen Hubert is a blogger who writes on a variety of different sites. Check out more of her work at LED TV reviews.


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