BACKINBLACK MIUI-look ROM for Motorola XT502 [Z71 devices]

ACDC ROM MIUI look based on CyanogenMod 7 (CM7)

Don’t jump the gun and conclude that this is an MIUI ROM. This ROM is based on CM7 (CyanogenMod 7,
Android 2.3.5), and has got the cool looks of MIUI. Just the looks…

Devices supported: Commtiva Z71 devices, Orange Boston, Motorola XT3/XT5/XT502, Nexian Journey, etc

ACDC ROM MIUI look based on CyanogenMod 7 (CM7)

By looking at the features from over here, this Backinblack ROM from ACDC looks promising!

Feature excerpts:

  1. MIUI look – I’ve always liked the slick factor
  2. Working Wi-Fi tether
  3. Bundled with add-on apps like SDspeedincrease, adfree, advanced task killer, etc

DOWNLOAD (thanks to Yash for the working download link!) | more info…

Try this ROM on your phone and share your thoughts. Since this is based out of the usual CM7, I wouldn’t expect any drastic changes. However, if there are tweaks here and there that add more fluidity, this can stay on your phone for a couple of more months.


  1. Georges Bergossi

    Always cM7 bugs (photo,…) ?

  2. Nakul P

    I’ve been using this for about a month now i guess.. and it’s very good.. the battery backup in this rom is amazing.. i can carry it for two days easily with moderate usage.. texts, calls, an hour of gaming etc…

    • Anonymous

      Hi Nakul,

      Any typical CM7 bugs like rotation, wifi etc.? Did you feel slugishness?

      • Nakul P

        hi slycooper,
        sometimes i’m not able to connect to a wifi network(may once a week i face this issue).. but after a restart and it connects well… no rotation issues…
        and it’s not sluggish most times.. it’s smooth when number of apps are say, not more than 50-60… more apps and it might be little sluggish..(but not sluggish enough to irritate u and make u feel like throwin the phone)

        • Yes, I tested it and there is this same wifi issue; ‘m not surprised coz it’s based out of the CM7 ROM. I don’t see much difference in speed though.

  3. Guest

    Hi guy, from this instruction

    If, i don’t flash kernel aosp updated. Is problem to my phone ?

  4. Kaustubh Gaonkar

    Broken link………………….:(
    Plz someone upload this ROM….PLZ

  5. Kairo


  6. andrey

    download link dosen’t work

  7. Ableliu

    download link dosen’t work , I need this ROM!

    • The developer has removed the link to this ROM. Will see if it’s available elsewhere and update the download link. Try one of the newer ROMs posted on this blog.

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