Verizon Wireless lately announced that it will commence upgrading its Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphones running on its network to the recently released Android 4.1 OS within the next few days.

Samsung already released its upgrade of the gadget to the latest Android Jelly Bean version back in September, and several other carriers worldwide initiated with this upgrade in the late September too. Most of the Android based Smartphones in the region of Europe was also upgraded to the OS by October. Verizon Wireless happens to be the last U.S. carrier to offer the Jelly Bean upgrade to all of its customer base.

If you have been a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III users, then you are provided with an ideal holiday gift by your carrier, and that is the most up-to-date version of the Android OS. All the Galaxy S III devices running on Verizon Wireless carrier are to be raised to the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean version soon.

The Jelly Bean Version of the Android Operating System brings numerous new features to the Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone, mainly including the Google Now, Google’s integrated Digital Assistance which resembles to Apple’s Siri.

Users will get update notifications on their devices, enabling them to easily return the calls they have missed as well as send emails from their phone directly within the notification window. The camera functionality with the Jelly Bean upgrade on your Galaxy S III will bring in a number of integrated features such as Instagram-like filters to your camera application. The videos you shoot from your phone can also be started or easily stopped, allowing you to create one uninterrupted video clip with numerous different shots.

The Android 4.1 update also offers users with superior voice command capabilities, better communication, among several other unique features.

The Jelly Bean version upgrade will initiate being pushed to the devices by Friday. Customers will be able to download the upgrade on their gadgets manually through the settings options on their devices, however it starts from next week.

This guest article was written by Jan Hansen, who works for MineRabatKoder, the leading discount code site in Denmark.