CM7 EAv6 ROM for Motorola XT502 – battery drain stats [screenshots]

EAv6 battery stats

When you take a look at the screenshots below, you will know why I like the CM7 EAv6 Gingerbread (2.3.7) ROM. The kernel in EAv6 makes a lot of difference in battery drain. Of course, I followed the wipe battery stats procedure to get the most juice…in 2 days!

For testing purposes, I limited the Wi-Fi activity on the phone. Used it only for updating apps and for occasional YouTube videos. When not on Wi-Fi, ’twas on an always-on unlimited EDGE connection.

After 15 hours…

EAv6 battery stats

After 21 hours…

EAv6 battery stats

After 1 day, 13 hours…

EAv6 battery stats

And, 2 days, 2 hours 8 minutes – still had 15% left!

EAv6 battery stats

I think, after the Froyo Phantom series, this is one good Gingerbread ROM.

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  1. happy

    I installed EA v6 rom on EA v5.nbo but my battery performance on XT5 is not nearly same as shown by you.

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