CyanogenMod 7.1 EAv7 – Gingerbread ROM for Motorola XT502

Cyanogenmod 7.1 EAv7 screenshot

Here’s the most recent version of the CM7.1 based Gingerbread ROM for Motorola XT502 and Commtiva Z71 devices. Just a few days ago, the kernel was released – finding it pretty good with its smartass version 2 CPU governor. I believe this CM7.1 EAv7 ROM should provide you a slightly better 3D experience.

Cyanogenmod 7.1 EAv7 screenshot

Performance improvements:

  • Updated kernel
  • Updated applications
  • Improved Wi-Fi
  • Adreno 200 drivers to improve 3D performance by 50%
  • GPS fix
  • System-wide performance tweaks

Go ahead and give it a try. I’m sure you will love this for the battery life and ROM stability.

DOWNLOAD (updated download link to EAv7.1 version)| more info…

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  1. Joel Rhine

    im gonna try this out today…….hope everything goes good.

    • cavit sopacioğlu

      i am using this rom for along time, ths one better than phantom rom also.
      you must install cyanogen.7.1.stable.nbo with sutlr 1.7
      after you can install

  2. Motoquench

    is tis thing in english??
    coz it doesnt seem lyk

  3. Dnp

    Installed on XT502. Seems okay except the big trouble, I can’t use headphones during the call, they just go silent. I could listen to music using the headphones but not the phone calls. It just worked ONCE but then headphones are now useless for me during any phone call! Please help.

    • That’s an inherent CM7 issue. Once the call gets connected, increase/decrease the volume – you’ll hear it clear.

    • Joelxt5

      are u getting network coverage?…….how did u insatll?

      • Dnp

        Oh I forgot to update. I was having above problem while using headphones came with iPod or even my computer headphones. Note that these headphones were working with the original ROM. I later tried with the original headphones that come with XT502 work perfectly with CM7 but still not the other headphones that I mentioned above. I don’t see n/w issues, but I do see that the network connection is not as stable as it was with original ROM. I 

  4. Joelxt5

    hey please help me out here 

    these are the steps that i followed while installation:1: downloaded rom manager and installed it on my phone
    2: downloaded cyanogen mod 7.1EAv7 and copied on my phone
    3: opened rom manager and selected “install rom from sd card”
    4: then i selected this cm rom
    5: then it read: “click ok to restart in clockwork recovery mode”
    6: i clicked ok.
    now the problem starts…..
    the screen goes blank….and after 2-3 secs a screen shows up showind the android logo and at the left topmost corner its written: “enter recovery mode” in small font size ..
    it should not happen this way right????  after i clicked ok in the 6th step, the installation process should have begun?!
    7: ok now i enter to normal recovery mode and there i select flash zip from sd card..
    8: then it shows                           “choose the zip u want to flash or else click back”

                                   “sdcard: cyanogen mod 7.1EAv7 ”
    and when i choose this (highlight it with the trackball and then press the track ball to choose) nothing happens !!!????……but when i press back it goes back……ive tried this a number of times….even with super aosp 8.6 rom…please help me ……i really wanted 2.3 on my phone…

    • choose install zip from sd card, scroll down to that cm7 file, and click on it. it will go to another screen where you will reconfirm your selection and then start installing. Looks like you have not Installed the clockworkmod properly via rom manager.

    • Joelxt5

      hey please help me dude please read my problem above!!!!! 

      • Joelxt5

        woooohoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! i figured out wat was the problem….yey verry happy

    • Kaustubh Gaonkar

      which Clockworkmod recovery you have installed??

      • Joelxt5

        ya….i solved this prob …i had not flashed clockworkmod recovery proprerly……..i flashed it and then it seemed to begin with the process

        But there’s another problem…..when i flashed this rom im not gettin any network and neither the imei no.thanks for the rlpy btw.. 🙂

        • Well, it’s just a simple problem of radio not being installed. Do you have the 2.1 ROM? Search my blog or Google. Install that via SUT LR and then whatever upgrades you wanna do..

  5. Joelxt5

    im getting “no service” any solutions?
    thanks 🙂

  6. Joelxt5

    do i have to install a phantom rom first before installing this ?

  7. Joelxt5

    i flashed this rom twice-once firltrap jellybean> CM  7.1EAv7
    then phantom_evo_rev3b_splash_ext4> CM  7.1EAv7 bothe the times im getting no “network” and unknown “imei” noplease help ……..:-(

  8. Mjmedel24

    does nfs shift work on this one now? en ef ez .zip one?

  9. Santosh Saini

    The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and
    inspiration, both of which we all need!b Keep ’em coming… you all do
    such a great job at such Concepts… can’t tell you how much I, for
    one appreciate all you do!

  10. 1sulabh

    Waiting for icecream sandwich….. 😉

  11. gvm

    This seems really cool. Fantastic post n very well done developers.

  12. mushi

    I have installed it and its working perfectly fine apart from GPS……its not working i can turn it on from the power widget but its giving me nothing

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