CyanogenMod 7 for Motorola XT502 – with battery fix! [REVIEW]

When I tried CM7 on my Motorola XT502, I was frustrated with the amount of instability in the ROM (it was released as a stable ROM!). I then stumbled upon a CM7 ROM which promised a fix to the battery drain, and also with the stable – SuperAosp kernel.

Installed, tested and here is the review…

  1. This is a .nb0 packageno need to downgrade to official 2.1 ROM and then upgrade to 2.3! Flash it (using SUT LR), use it.
  2. Quite stable, when compared to the actual CM7
  3. Excellent battery life – as good as the Phantom and Firetrap family of ROMs
  4. No annoying ‘SD card unexpectedly removed’ error message – super!
  5. Functional automatic brightness – but has got a lot of room for improvement; still should be faster and brighter!
  6. No duplicate entries!
  7. Update: Quadrant score 837

No issues? Well, there are two

  1. In case of multiple downloads or simultaneous internet browsing + market apps download, the OS slows down to a stand still. No need to restart, but frustratingly slow until one of the aforementioned operations is complete. I guess this will be fixed in the forthcoming versions from CML.
  2. USB tethering not working

If you really want to enjoy the power of Gingerbread (Android 2.3) on your Motorola XT502 (XT3/XT5) or Commtiva Z71 devices, you must try this version of CM7 than the original.

Download ROM | For information on how to install .nb0 files using SUT LR, click here.

Thanks to Boston Mania for releasing this ROM!

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  1. Hello!

    Is this ROM really stable and doesnt have the SD-Card Bug? This where amazing.

    I had a problem to install the *.nb0 Files. When I start the SutLR and connect my Boston to my Computer, SutLR says me that no phone is connected. -.-
    I can wait many times of minutes, but this is dont changing.
    How can I fix this problem?

    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (alienware edition)
    Phone: orange Boston -> CyanogenMod-7.0.2-Z71,

    • This ROM did have the SD-card bug. However, since I knew that it’s a software problem and not a hardware one, I tried different methods of conquering this stupid bug. Finally, I did succeed! I did the following:

      1. Backup the content of your SD card
      2. Go to settings–storage–unmount SD card–erase SD card
      3. Reboot in recovery mode
      4. Wipe data and cache
      5. Go to advanced and wipe Dalvik cache
      5a. Create partitions (128 for ext, 64 for SWAP) – this will again format your SD card!
      6. Reboot phone
      7. Go to the market, and install any other launcher other than the ADW (I use Go Launcher, which is OK)

      I won’t say that these steps will eradicate the problem – it just worked in mine!

      About your SUTLR problem – are you in download mode? i.e. did you press red button + volume up + power? If yes, and still the problem persists, it’s just that the USB drivers are missing 🙁

      • I think you where the guy the wright me the manual yesterday in cyanogenmod forum and it dosent work by me. 🙁
        I hope that will be fixed soon, whitout a working sd-card is the rom unusable.

        I will check the USB-Drivers or reinstall the drivers. The problem persists in normale mode and download mode.

    • Amolszx

      HI While conneting your phone first switched off and then press call end+volume up+power key then connect it to usb it will boot

      • At first I will reflash my Boston to Stock ROM 2.1 and then I try a new flash to CM7.

        I hope that after that I was no longer the problem with the SD card.

        Thanks for the tip, I did not know that the Download Mode has nothing to do with the Recovery Mode or how I can start.

  2. Really enjoying your blog here–thanks for all the great info!
    I have a Wellcom a88 (z71 clone, of course), and am running Phantom Ev. I like it, because it’s stable, good battery life, and 2.2. However, I like 2.3 even more–but I can’t get it to run!

    Even this one seems buggy and crashes all the time. Am I missing a step? Though the Phantom ROMs work great, I love the tweaking that the CM Roms give, especially the power controls right in the pull down shade. But none of the CM mods or their cousins seem to work. for Android 2.2, Superbler is my favorite–it looks great, stable, and has the CM ROM features–but cell service doesn’t work (like it’s in airplane mode, and can’t get out!)

    Anyhow, I thought I’d let you know–if you have any suggestions, or just want to know that this CM nb0 doesn’t work, there’s my experience. Thanks for your helpful blog 🙂

    • If that battery fix .nb0 didn’t work, can you try this one with battery + memory fix? Let me know if this works. Also, just a note – the ADW that come with these ROMs is a lil buggy, so switched to GO Launcher, which is slightly better. Try it out and see if you can stick to the favorite 2.3 ROMs. I’m just awaiting the 2.3 from Phantom. The moment that is out, I’ll flash my phone with it. Phantom really takes care of the most important aspects of the ROM – it doesn’t crash!

      Thanks for visiting my blog, and for sharing your thoughts! Keep visiting… 🙂

      • Thanks–I’ll try it out!
        About the launcher–I only use GoLauncher, as well. Everyone seems to like ADW and Launcher Pro, but I love GoLauncher’s features, and it really is stable and snappy.

        • Yep, Go Launcher is pretty cool. It could be better, but this is a good start for a not-so-flashy, yet highly functional launcher.

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