Retro games are coming back with a vengeance. It might be just the warm fuzzy feeling that people get when they see one of those pixilated arcade games that make us love them so much, or it could be the incredibly basic concept that turns out to be rather challenging. Retro games are all of the rage right now, so why not create new ones with the same style? You can do just that with your Windows 8 OS.

retro-games Designing Retro-Looking Games for Windows 8

Getting Started

There are 3-different pixilation styles that were popular with the retro games. The 8-bit which was used in the old school Nintendo games. The 16-bit which was used in the Super Nintendo games, or later on some games were developed with a 24-bit. The most common retro games use the 8 or the 16, but the 24 does work.

You will need a specialty design program in order to create your pixilation. Most modern design programs are meant to help provide you with the best possible graphics that are currently available. Many people have the feeling that newer is better, but the complete opposite is true when you are trying to design a retro style game. Aseprite is one of the best programs that is available for pixilation game design. It is nice for its open source style, and can be used to work with multiple platforms.

It is a quick and efficient way to develop your game. It is rather easy to use, and is completely free to acquire. It may take a little time to get use to, but overall it is a great program for building retro style games that can have a modern concept, but the old school appearance that we know and love.

Launching Your Game

Once you have designed your game you will be ready to launch it on your Windows 8 OS. You can basically build a game around almost any theme that you could want you just have to come up with an idea. Then you just have to build your characters and challenges around that idea. Most of the retro games have rather basic concepts. Think about Pac-Man all you have to do is get Pac-Man to chomp all of the dots and bonus fruit. The more levels you pass the faster the ghosts will come after you. The same thing with Donkey Kong, you have to help Mario get safely to the top of the screen in order to try and save the princess from Donkey Kong. You just simply have to avoid the obstacles along the way. The further you go in the game the faster the barrels come at you and the more obstacles that are put into the way.

Your concept does not have to be super in-dept like N.O.V.A. 3 or one of the more modern games. Keep it simple that is what these games are known for and why they are so loved. Then build your game from there. Aseprite will walk you through the process for setting up your graphics, and then all you will have to worry about is tracking down some cheesy music to play in the background in order to enjoy your game in the truly genuine retro style.

The nice thing about the Windows 8 OS and using a program like Aseprite is that you can customize your game to build it around whatever you would like. This could be extremely helpful in teaching your children or coming up with a simple game you enjoy to pass the time. You may not have held on to your old school Nintendo, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy the same style games just on your computer instead of the gaming console.


Author Bio: This post is written by Jason Phillips. He is basically a video game designer and very good at his work. He recently designed a part for Zombie Games 365.