Download and install Google Play on your Android Phone

Google Play market app for Android phones

Guess you’d seen the teaser videos on what the new Google Play is all about. If you are running Android 2.2 (Froyo) or higher versions of it, you should automatically be getting the Google Play upgrade. If you’re too very curious to try it out while you wait for the upgrade, you can find the download (apk file) link below.

Google-Play-version Download and install Google Play on your Android Phone

DOWNLOAD (takes you to Dropbox)

Installation is quite straight forward. Just click on the apk file and install. Make sure you’ve checked (i.e. allowed) installation from Unknown Sources (under Settings–Applications).



  1. Hi, apparently your mediafire link has problems. It says file is deleted/invalid or something

    • Sorry, this is the problem with mediafire links someone else have hosted. I’ve updated it with my dropbox link. Hope it works for you now. Thanks for the pointer!

  2. Unfortunately does not work for me 🙁
    Does anyone know how to install Google Market (is it possible at all?) on Lenovo P700 bought and used in China??

  3. myominsoe

    help me to use it

  4. Quade K.

    Thank you so much guys and gals here, I just got a smartphone from ebay and it came standard with the original Android market place, so it came to please me that this was able be fixed! Thanks again guys!!!

  5. JessieAnn13

    I decided to let my boyfriend update my phone, and change the from and it has completely removed the play app. So let’s hope this works.

  6. Linda

    I want to install qq international. I am told to get Google play first . Does anyone know? Thanks

  7. DeRich

    Does anybody know how to download Google Play to Android device thats running Gingerbread 4.0.8. but did not come with any pre installed version of Android Market? Phone comes from China looks just like a Samsung Galaxy S3!

  8. Martins


  9. mind yah own

    Lets hope this works

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