Finally, found the best RAM optimizer for Android [REVIEW]

Trust me, this is the best! Have tested it repeatedly, and yet get the best performance on my Motorola XT502 and Motorola Cliq/Dext (MB200) phones.

What’s it? It’s a script from Juwe11 (XDA-developers member) that optimizes the memory based on the actual requirement; launching an app, multitasking or running background services. Now, I really don’t require a separate task manager app to free up memory!

Requirement: You must be ROOTED. Have a kernel that supports init.d (example, this and this ROM).

How to install?

  1. Download the zip file (link updated – 19 September 2011, it’s now an APP on the Android Market!)
  2. Extract the script file and copy it to the root of your SD card
  3. Use root explorer to move the file to /system/etc/init.d folder
  4. Set the file permissions to 777 (rwxrwxrwx)
  5. Reboot

If you have System Panel Lite, check the memory usage. Mine went from 43 M available to 75 M available on my Motorola XT502, and from 65 M available to 99 M on the Motorola Cliq/Dext. Not just that, I’m noticing an increase in overall performance!

Freeing up too much memory is not the goal here – if so, it will only slow down the phone. This script here provides the best balance!

Try it, you won’t regret!

NOTE: If you get ‘read only’ error while trying to paste inside init.d, make sure you’re mounted as R/W and not R/O (look at the top right corner of the root explorer screen).

Look here here for other installation options.

Please share if you found this useful.


  1. Georges

    I Don’t see init.d folder ?!

    • Georges

      We have to put it in etc then rename the file init.d
      create a folder init.d and paste it there

      • Georges

        I rename the file and put in etc, I was 50, now it’s 60 🙂

        • What ROM are you using? Did you go to /system/etc/ and then init.d? please recheck!

          • Georges

            I am using
            SuperAosp 8.6 AW ROM with a Motorola xt502
            There is no folder init.d in system/etc so I just rename the file init.d and put it in system/etc

          • So, do you see any difference in performance?

          • Georges

            For the moment I have got more Ram and some applications are more… fluid.

          • Yep, esp those apps that consume a lot of memory but don’t relieve them on exit. I have stopped using task killers!

  2. Ardamax

    hi ubiquit,

    have you tried supercharger script?

    can you make a comparison between the two memory management or maybe another review with supercharger.

    more power! and thank you so much for your time for making all the reviews specially on boston 🙂

  3. Aminardhi

    It works on Apanda 2.2 rooted

  4. E_sajid

    link not working

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