Good news for Firefox lovers and IE haters. Firefox 4 beta 1 is now available for download – promising us with a lot of new goodies, and improvised browsing experience. As always, I wanted to try it out to honor the tech-curiosity in me.


Takes about 10-15 seconds, and doesn’t alter your current stable version of Firefox (v3.6.6).  All settings, including proxy and bookmarks are seamlessly imported during installation (you won’t even know!).

New look:

I’ve got Google Chrome, and was expecting something similar to it when I was installing Firefox 4 beta. My expectation was right, after all. Take a look at the new tab feature (click on screenshot to enlarge):

hidden-menu Firefox 4 beta - first look and impressions

Now, the menu is condensed to a Firefox button on the top left corner of the browser window. Gives you an inch of more space to the browser body. However, if you want to have to conventional menu styling, you can click on Firefox button–customize–menu bar.

Note: You won’t be finding the start private browsing feature in this condensed menu.

tabs Firefox 4 beta - first look and impressions

So far, no glitches with the tabbed browsing experience. As smooth as honey! Checked the memory usage with about 15 active tabs – 180 MB, acceptable limits.


Nothing available now. Incompatible add-ons/extensions are safely disabled, automatically.

addons Firefox 4 beta - first look and impressions


The beta version of this browser has a feedback button on the top right corner. Looks like they are serious about incorporating your feedback/suggestions before rolling out the final version.

Key features:

  • New tabs look
  • Condensed menu
  • New add-ons manager
  • HTML5 video standards – WebM and HD video support
  • Improved privacy
  • Crash protection, and so on..

A comprehensive feature list, comparing it with the previous versions is available over here.

Download the beta version, and have fun!

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