Firetrap JellyBean – Android 2.2.1 ROM (Commtiva Z71 variants)

Firetrap Jellybean Android 2.2.1 ROM

In one of my previous posts, I wrote about the top 5 Android 2.2.1 ROMs, and Firetrap TwoNights was in the numero uno position. Now, there is this new version from AndroidPT – Firetrap JellyBean, for Commtiva Z71 variants (Motorola XT502/XT3/XT5, Orange Boston, Apanda A60, etc).

Firetrap-Jellybean Firetrap JellyBean - Android 2.2.1 ROM (Commtiva Z71 variants)

How better it is from the previous version (Firetrap TwoNights)?

  • Speed – noticeably faster
  • Battery consumption – almost same, with nominal usage I get 2 days and 6 hours. With YouTube and other Wi-Fi activities – 1 day and 16 hours! Ain’t that impressive for a 1200 mAh battery-powered, big screen device?
  • Wallpapers – new, better ones
  • Animation – smooth, not jittery
  • Apps – packs the most used/important ones including System Panel Lite, Weather, Compass, Voice recorder, etc

Overall, it will be a good upgrade you won’t regret!

UPDATE: Just downloaded and checked the Quadrant Score – it’s 660 with JellyBean. It was 446 with Firetrap Twonights. No wonder I’m seeing the device noticeably faster.

Download links:


JellyBean + app2SD + DalvickCache on phone (recommended, I’m using this!)

JellyBean + app2SD + DalvickCache on Sd

Pic source and more info…

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  1. Sound_ick

    There also official ROM for XT502. I find it in here:
    I wonder is that better than firetrap?

    • Not sure of that. But the current Firetrap JellyBean has 2.3 interface with Gingerbread keyboard. It’s very smooth! You must try this out 🙂

      • Sound_ick

        I’ll try it out and give you the comment later on.
        But I think you right, this JellyBean ROM is faster than XT502 official ROM.
        Thank you! 🙂

        • Yep, lemme know your rating/comments. I think this is by far the best ROM for Commtiva Z71 variants! Works flawless on my Motorola XT502!

    • Btw, I’ve updated the post with the new Quadrant Benchmark score. Take a look…

  2. New quench xt5 owner

    hi Nareen.. u’r top 5 custom ROM post was very informative.. could u tell me which of these five was the most stable when compared to stock ROM.. i wannna update my quench xt5 and finish it once n al.. thnQ

    • You’re right there on the post which answers your question. Use Firetrap JellyBean ROM from AndroidPT. Use the links in the post above. Refer to useful links at the bottom of the post to learn how to install the ROM. Good luck!

  3. Damien

    how to set to English ?

  4. Hi, if I have Cyanogen 6.1.2 installed in my commtiva z71, how can I change this to firetrap jellybean? is it possible via clockwork recovery?

  5. query

    hi.. how to get back to stock rom 2.1, if we wish to.. since jelly bean is .nb0 extension..

  6. Hi help please.. Camera doesnt work.. it forcecloses.. i have tried all possible ways to solve it by restoring it back to stock rom using clockwork mod.. i lost the IMEI in the process.. can you help me get back the camera and my IMEI?? Urgent pls

    • Help on IMEI is available here Why don’t you install any other ROM with .nb0 extension – coz’ the SUTLR does a clean wipe AFAIK.

      • i have solved the IMEI problem.. but not the camera.. can you please help.. ?? it force closes.. i tried flasing .nbo extension only. but still cant get my camera working

        • I’ve replied to your mail. Can you please check and let me know if that helped?

          • hey i have written back to you.. but you have not replied yet.. i tried flashing as you told me in the mail.. also i tried to flash the original chinese rom.. even that didnt work.. is there any other way.. cyanogen forum was not of big help.. i couldnt find a solution for this yet…

          • Were you able to get back your IMEI?

          • Yes i was able to get back my IMEI but not my camera.. so still in trouble..

          • Well, it might be a hardware problem. Why don’t you take it to the service center?

          • I’m Planning on that.. but i wont be able to claim in using the Warranty rite.. and how is the 2.3 ginger bread rom from cyanogen?

          • Well, you better switch back to 2.1 ROM and then take it to the service center – they won’t notice it.

            I’ve not tried the 2.3 ROM from Cyanogen – probably isn’t worth it coz the battery life sucks with CM mod. I’ll wait for other mods like Firetrap, JellyBean, etc 😉

          • Ambicapathy Palanivel

            Hi can u please guide how to restore the original IMEI number. I am using vediocon zeus v7500 android mobile. My IMEI got changed 0040 blaah blaah..
            Please mail me at

          • Get the original foxconn ROM (Android 2.1) from here – Install using SUTLR. Reboot. See if you get the signal (make sure airplane mode is disabled!). Then install whatever ROM you wanted to… 🙂

  7. Mike

    I just flashed this ROM on my XT502 which had an original 2.1ROM . So far I have found a few apps having a “force close” problem (TweetDeck, Goggles). The bookmarks in the Browser and ringtone setting are wiped off everytime the phone’s rebooted. Waking up the phone with the red and green buttons didn’t work but found a workaround on one of the forums that got it fixed.

    This Battery life seems to be better. Quadrant score is 774.

    • Sam Wilder

      Could you please let me know the fix for waking up phone with green / red buttons.

  8. callmesri

    How to install  JellyBean + app2SD + DalvickCache on Sd rom. is it possible through ROM Manager

    • Using SUTLR is the easiest way to install this ROM.

      • callmesri

        Hi,AS you said, I tried Jelly bean. its flashed properly. But I couldn’t able to move the app to sd card. any additional setting is required?

        • Phantom made two types of ROMs. One requires that you enable apps2sd from the recovery menu (camera + vol up + power), and the other one via settings panel when booted up. Try either of these. Also, go to settings-applications and see if the ‘move to sd card’ option is disabled (i.e., not clickable). Having said that, I suggest you try the Gingerbread version from SuperAOSP (CML) – it rocks! I’m using this now!

          • callmesri

            yes I tried but I couldn’t get the signal 🙁 . DO I have to use nbo to flash for that?

          • You need to use SUTLR to flash .nb0 files. If in zip format, use ROM manager. Where are you based out of?

          • callmesri

            i have xt3.

          • This works for all commtiva z71 models, be it xt3, xt5, orange boston, and so on…

  9. Linh270700

    – wi-fi is not working
    – Google account (gmail) can not be synchronized

    • Well, check the latest posts in this blog, and move on to other better ROMs! 🙂

  10. Joel Rhine

    hey…..ive  flashed this ROM and im liking it very much……absolutely no problems till now.
    can u please tell me where i download the themes which are compatible with this ROM
    thanks 🙂

  11. shree

    hey i just updated to this rom… and ryt now my xt502 is showing a green android guy and cirdling him is a green circle……voila.. iit just rebooted.. and now signing in my google account..

    so far my touchscreen is working well… loving it thus far..

    thanx for the post. 🙂
    happy xt502 owner.. 😛

  12. shree

    and sorry to ask! but this rom doesnt have a file browser of its own???? have to use root explorer??? and also will it install the apks that i have in my sd card(meant for 2.1.1)?? and if possible respond on mail:

  13. shree

    this rom is not installing any apk app!! AND EVEN WORSE, install from market is not working too…. wat should i do with my android if it has only APPS FROM THIS ROM’S STOCK!!!

    Any idea to get installation working!??? thanx.. 🙁

  14. What the different between android gingerbread and honeycomb?

  15. Rk

    Can i get link, – tried all it shows different things for download. 

  16. shreekant singh

    hey can anyone provide me the official stock rom recovery image for moto xt502??? m troubled with wifi badly on cm7.1.. 🙁 any help will be really greatly appreciated… 🙂 mail me pleaseeeeee…..

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