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Firetrap JellyBean – Android 2.2.1 ROM (Commtiva Z71 variants)

In one of my previous posts, I wrote about the top 5 Android 2.2.1 ROMs, and Firetrap TwoNights was in the numero uno position. Now, there is this new version from AndroidPT – Firetrap JellyBean, for Commtiva Z71 variants (Motorola XT502/XT3/XT5, Orange Boston, Apanda A60, etc).

Firetrap-Jellybean Firetrap JellyBean - Android 2.2.1 ROM (Commtiva Z71 variants)

How better it is from the previous version (Firetrap TwoNights)?

  • Speed – noticeably faster
  • Battery consumption – almost same, with nominal usage I get 2 days and 6 hours. With YouTube and other Wi-Fi activities – 1 day and 16 hours! Ain’t that impressive for a 1200 mAh battery-powered, big screen device?
  • Wallpapers – new, better ones
  • Animation – smooth, not jittery
  • Apps – packs the most used/important ones including System Panel Lite, Weather, Compass, Voice recorder, etc

Overall, it will be a good upgrade you won’t regret!

UPDATE: Just downloaded and checked the Quadrant Score – it’s 660 with JellyBean. It was 446 with Firetrap Twonights. No wonder I’m seeing the device noticeably faster.

Download links:


JellyBean + app2SD + DalvickCache on phone (recommended, I’m using this!)

JellyBean + app2SD + DalvickCache on Sd

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