Firetrap Lollipop Android 2.2 ROM for Motorola XT502

Firetrap Lollipop commtiva z71 Froyo ROM from AndroidPt

If you’ve tried the Firetrap JellyBean and/or the Firetrap TwoNights Froyo ROMs, you should definitely try the latest one, codenamed Firetrap Lollipop. I just installed it yesterday, and as usual, this ROM rocks!

Firetrap Lollipop commtiva z71 Froyo ROM from AndroidPt

Note: This ROM is for Commtiva Z71 variants (Motorola XT502/XT3/XT5, Orange Boston, Apanda A60, etc).

Just like the JellyBean ROM, Lollipop packs a punch with faster menu draws, application response and battery life. The only downside is that you have to enable Apps2SD from the Recovery Menu (shutdown phone, press camera + volume up + power). This was a hassle for me because, after enabling Apps2SD, the phone simply wouldn’t boot up. I had to spend another 10 minutes re-flashing my phone with this ROM. Well, this might just be MY device failing to boot after enabling Apps2SD – I never had a problem with JellyBean and Apps2SD!

Quadrant Standard score: 721 – so, worth a try?

Download links:

Download Firetrap Lollipop – .nb0 file / ClockworkMod file | more info…

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  1. Will have to try after a service for my phone..

  2. Hi, Please I need urgent help I tried yesterday the first way of upgrading my XT502 to android 2.2 and it didn’t work because Rom manager kept telling me that the servers are down and I couldn’t do the flashclock thing.. so next i tried SUTLER way and it didn’t work too becuase I got an Error when the application with trying to “Re-Flash my Rom image” and it ended the whole procedure. the problem now is that every time I try using my Camera on my original android 2.1, it doesn’t work!! it shows a black screen instead. so is there any other way that I can upgrade this system without Rom manager or Sutler because both aren’t working for me! thanks

  3. OK Rom manager is working now and I installed one of Cyanogen versions but still the camera isn’t working… now Instead of a black screen I get the error “Camera error: cannot connect to camera”!!

    • I had the same problem, and it was not because of the ROM. I got my phone replaced. Take it to the service center.

      • just got my phone camera replaced along with the board.. hey now finding it difficult to sign into google account from android device pls help..

        • This is strange! Not sure why you’re not able to connect to google accounts. Are you sure the access point settings are fine, and you’re able to connect to the Internet? This might sound silly, but ‘ve seen some of my friends with Vodafone connection + android struggling to get connected to the Internet with the AP settings. 😉

  4. Chinmay188

    one of the stupid rom….. somany things not supported…. jellybean is better then this one…..

  5. Linh270700

    Wi-fi error, same issue with jellybean

  6. Karthik

    your megaupload link wont work..

    • Sorry, megaupload has been closed down by the US lawmen. Secondly, this is a pretty old ROM. Check for some of the newer ones…

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