Found the best MIUI theme for CM7 builds [Android]

best MIUI-like theme for CyanogenMod 7 (CM7) builds

I have tried quite a few themes before, but eventually returned to the default one. Reason: lack of refinement, bad colors, FCs, ugly icons and a lot more. A day ago, I stumbled upon this rich MIUI-like theme from ZduneX25 (XDA member) – check out the screen shots. One word: brilliant!

best MIUI-like theme for CyanogenMod 7 (CM7) builds

Installation is quite simple; it’s an apk file. By the way, I’m using the latest CyanogenMod nightly with this FIX.

DOWNLOAD [has install instructions] | more info…

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  1. Joel Rhine

    will this work on my firetrap twonights?

    • Well, I haven’t tried. It’s just an apk, so you may wanna try installing it. Hope it works 🙂 Please do let us know if it does; will update the post with your name!

  2. Davpyaremohan

    very nice blog and informative.

  3. Ahh, themes….such a small unimportant thing. But really, it does make a difference, and I like this one a lot. This is great!

    • Wassup? long time… Yeah, I never used to try out themes, but this is one that I like..will stick on to it until bored 🙂

  4. Georges Bergossi

    I see that there is an update of nightly CM7 everyday.Should I wait for a stable version of CM7 with Android 2.3.5 and then install SuperAOSP 8.6 AW ?
    I am actually using  SuperAOSP 8.6 AW but I do not have installed first a CM rom. I see there : that there is a fix for the SuperAOSP 8.6 AW. Can it fix my zoom photo problem ?

    • Not really! I don’t think anyone else other than Phantom can provide a stable version of Android ROMs. So, the latest CM7 with the SuperAOSP + FIX should work pretty good on your phone. There are occasional restarts when streaming video over USB tether on 3G connection.

      • Georges Bergossi

        Thks 🙂 I will install it tomorrow.
        Ok but what are the modifications between cm157 and the latest version ?

          • Georges Bergossi

            Ok thks.

          • Georges Bergossi

            I have installed it (CM7 + SuperAOSP 8.6 + Fix +MIUI + the RAM optimizer) : Excellent !

          • Camera problem – inherent with CM7. What’s the quad score now?

          • Georges Bergossi

            So there is no fix for this problem ? 
            What will happened if I make an update with Rom Manager?

            I have installed it (CM7 + SuperAOSP 8.6 + Fix +MIUI + 80 Applications) : Very Good ! 
            ROM : CM7 Nightly 173
            Kernel : SuperAOSP 8.6 AW
            Quad score : 846

          • No GPS icon? strange. reinstall?

            What’s not working well in RAM optimizer? May be you could report this in the XDA forums so that the developer can fix it.

          • Georges Bergossi

            With another theme, it’s also not working !

            If I reinstall, Will I lose all the applications ? Because I have to install them one by one with Titanium ! Can I do the update by Rom Manager ?

          • If you have ROM manager premium, you can download and upgrade. Otherwise, download the zip to your comp, transfer it to your SD card, reboot into recovery and then install zip from SD card. hope this helps!

            I have never trusted Titanium backup, it has failed more than once for me 😉

          • Georges Bergossi

            Thks. So what are you using for your apps when you change ROM ?

          • Actually nothing. I start over. I don’t install more than 10-12 apps, so not a big deal 🙂

          • Georges Bergossi

            Ok, it’s easier 🙂

            I make the update, GPS still not working and I dont see the A-GPS options.

          • I cross checked. It’s working perfectly fine on my friend’s mobile. May be you should downgrade to a phantom ROM check the gps and then reinstall 2.3.5.

          • Georges Bergossi

            Network also is not working. It says cannot search.

          • Huh! Looks like you’d need to do a full wipe and start over again 🙁

          • Georges Bergossi

            no problem, so I will wipe everything I see but not my SD card because there is the Titanium folder and a big mess… and I install the last CM7 nightly 

          • if 8.6 AW is working fine, you could upgrade directly from that ROM without IMEI issues.

          • Georges Bergossi

            How can I do that ? I do a full wipe, install 8.6 AW and then install CM7 nightly without a wipe ?

          • Yes, install 8.6 AW. Check if GPS is working. If yes, install CM7 nightly. Hope the GPS/networks work again 🙂 Good luck!

          • if 8.6 AW is working fine, you could upgrade directly from that ROM without IMEI issues.

  5. Georges Bergossi

    xD not enough space on the page.

    Ok, should I do a full wipe before installing CM7 last nightly ?

    And after have installed CM7 and verified the GPS and network, should I install SuperAOSP Kernel and the fix ? (Because I am doing every night an update of CM7 nightly and I don’t know if it keeps the SuperAOSP kernel after the update. When I do the update, I only put wipe Dalvik cache.)

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