This custom Jelly Bean ROM is for Samsung GT-i9250, also known as Galaxy Nexus. JOP40C.v.3.0 is a slim version of the Jelly Bean build, with basic applications. As of now, this supports English (US and British) and Portuguese languages.

Some features:

  • GPS with European NTP
  • Google login/partner/framework, Google Talk, Calendar, Contact Sync, Chrome, etc
  • Optimized database
  • Power Menu
  • Battery optimization
  • PlayStore
  • Root and superuser
  • Terminal
  • Real calculator

All other apps, as and when needed, can be installed via Google PlayStore. This is a neat feature as we may not be using most of the bundled apps – a light-weight ROM is my preference. Please share your thoughts if you install this ROM – links below:

DOWNLOAD | Stock Kernel | Launcher | Face lock | other add-ons and more info…