Generic tips to increase Android battery life

improve android battery life

Guest post by Sara Parker

Demand for Android is increasing at an incredible rate in the recent time. Android being the most popular mobile operating system, more and more people are opting for android smartphone all over the world. With advancement of time we are switching over to smartphones which come with its part of advantages and disadvantages, the most prominent of such disadvantages is low battery life. With Android phone it is quite common that you will be facing with the problem of low battery life.

improve android battery life

In fact as an Android user when you charge your device fully in the morning and to your utter surprise find out that hardly 20%-15% of the battery is there it becomes a matter of annoyance indeed. Sometimes, when you need it most you may see that it is of no use due to low battery. In such a situation it is quite obvious that you are in search of some effective ways that will help you to increase the battery life of your Android phone.

And that is why a few tips are here for you that can be beneficial in increasing the battery life of your Android device:

  • For better performance reduce the brightness of screen: Since it is screen brightness which consumes quite a lot of battery life, leading to low battery life of your Android phone it is better to set “Automatic Brightness” to lower level of brightness so that less battery life is consumed
  • Use power saving mode: In terms of enhancing battery life using power saving mode is always a recommended option. For using this mode you only need to go to settings, then display option, choose power saving mode and check it
  • Reduce screen timeout time: A good way of saving battery life is reducing timeout time of screen. While it is set to 15 seconds, to save battery power you can reduce it to 5 seconds. To do this go to settings, choose display and choose screen timeout
  • Avoid Live Wallpapers: Live wallpaper may be one of the lucrative features of Android phones but keep it in mind that its high graphics consumes high battery power. Instead of live wallpaper you can use normal wallpaper and save a lot of battery
  • Go for full charging of battery at suitable temperature: To keep the efficiency of the battery high, charge the battery fully at least once a month and do it without any pause. Choose proper temperature for charging which is 0-45 degree. Protect you mobile from too high or too low temperature and direct sun as well
  • Regarding connectivity: Android offers several connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data Network, GPRS and GPS and this is the reason why battery life gets exhausted. Therefore, it is wise to toggle off such options when you are not using them. At the same time in Data Network selecting 2G instead of 3G is better and keep it switched off when it is not needed. Though Wi-Fi is convenient it requires more power than 3G network. By enabling it only when you need it you can save a lot of power
  • Disable background Apps: Since Apps in background consume a lot of battery be sure of switching off all applications in the background
  • Stop Auto System Update: Most of the Android devices come with Auto Update. Since Auto Update requires a lot of power it is advisable to disable the update or increase the time interval of update to save battery power
  • Avoid or make less use of Facebook and Twitter: Stop surfing Facebook or Twitter on Android phone as it saves a lot of power. If you cannot stop it totally, do it as less as you can
  • Keep the phone free: Take off the cover of your cell phone when you put your Android phone on charge. With cover more heat will be generated which is harmful for the device

Following these tips you can surely find a remarkable increase in the battery life of your device.

Author: Sara Parker is a mobile phone enthusiast and an expert in internet. She has an in depth knowledge about the latest features and updates in this field. She provides informative articles and blogs to her readers about Android phones and also unlimited broadband services.


  1. Joshua

    Good, effective tips. Thanks for the post.

  2. And we all know a good ROM and a great kernel goes a long way in increasing your battery life 🙂

    • True; but a majority are not like you and me installing and uninstalling ROMs/kernels on their devices 😉

  3. Tomquin .k

    Thanks you for the tips

  4. Sharief


    I also talk about an hour, read mails, about 100/day, on 2G only,
    handle calendars and todo widgets, and measure the battery usage
    with battery ETA, which reports the current discharge velocity and
    the daily average discharge velocity of my usage history,
    so i can calibrate stuff to extend my battery life,
    for example i set max clock to 480MHz (i don’t play games,
    and on this speed general responsiveness is enough for me),
    also currently testing INTERACTIVEOSR governor.
    I try to keep the discharge velocity(batteryETA term) under 2.2.
    BatteryETA can even predict info using the current discharge velocity
    and the general state of the battery(health as it names it, temperature).
    One more thing i try to do to preserve the health of my battery is to not
    charge when i can, but try to discharge it down until about 30%, then charge
    it for the night, because chargers feed batteries more than 3 modes with
    electricity, one is when the battery is
    detected to be fully charged the charger changes it’s mode
    and keeps the battery on current. Some people call that battery formatting.


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