This was one Android app that I’ve been missing on my Motorola XT502, after upgrading it to Gingerbread (CyanogenMod 7). I have quite a few spreadsheets on my Google Docs where I store key information that I access on the go.

Google Docs app for Android

Thanks to this app, I can now access and also update the info over the basic EDGE (98 kbps – 200 kbps) connection. Yes, this is quite functional over slow connections; I don’t seem to miss Wi-Fi or 3G speeds for this app. However, it does need a working data connection – no offline editing possible at the moment. Though this is not as extensive as the desktop Google Docs, it excels in the basic viewing and quick editing/updating functionality.

The app was launched just about 24 hours ago, and it has crossed 100,000 downloads! Over time, the functionality will be bumped up to enable offline editing – may be!

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