How fast does this blog load…

I am planning to migrate to one of the many HTML5-based WordPress themes. However, I wouldn’t want to leave this lovely theme by Bizzartic. If ain’t broken, why fix it?

Nevertheless, I would like your help in assessing how this blog behaves on your computer, tablet, phone, etc.. Please answer the poll below.

Thanks a ton!


  1. Anonymous

    Depends on the browser, for now I can say that the page loads well, but in the future, there’s nothing wrong with updating to HTML5, since most browser will get full HTML5 support by 2012. Plus it’s like a new year’s gives for your site 😀

    • True! I had the feeling that the site is slow to load. It’s quite fast for the mobile version though…

  2. Goldenifty100

    good evening

  3. Pedro Pimenta

    Go on! Update it to HTML5! Say hello to the future 😀
    And help plunger HTML5 🙂

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