How to get around ‘RealDownloader is using your device’ error message on Zune

Task Manager processes recordingmanager exe

If you have Real Player installed on your computer, and you have a Zune device or Windows Phone, you’d probably see the following error message when trying to sync your device:

RealDownloader is using your device. To see sync status, close that program

zune-real-downloader How to get around 'RealDownloader is using your device' error message on Zune

Though the recommended solution in the error message is asking us to close the program, time and again, people wonder which program to close as there’s no real instance of the Real Player running. So, what should you do?

task-manager-processes How to get around 'RealDownloader is using your device' error message on Zune

Simple – just open Task Manager, go to the ‘processes’ tab and look for ‘recordingmanager.exe’. Just right-click on it and hit ‘end process tree’. The status on Zune will change immediately, and you can sync your Zune player or Windows Phone right away. Hope this helps!


  1. Jonno

    Brilliant solution! Much better than the one put up by the moderator on the microsoft site which suggested uninstalling Real Player completely!

  2. Asuhan

    Hello! where can i find the taskmanager?

  3. Just saying

    Thank you very much for this! It worked immediately and was so simple and quick. Why on earth the Microsoft folks would tell you to uninstall RealPlayer entirely is beyond me. I swear, sometimes I think Microsoft is trying on purpose to go out of business by alienating the few customers it has left buying their non-Office products.

  4. Thank you! Now maybe my blood pressure will go down & I can get back to work. Thanks again!

  5. Vijay Krishna Rao N

    Wow, Simple and prompt one, This way, has Solved my issue..

  6. Kymmc

    Thank you!!!!! Worked instantly just like you said.

  7. Yeah, but… what will this close? I’m using RealPlayer to download some documentaries right now… if I were to end this process, would that kill it? Will it kill anything RealPlayer is doing?

  8. petedaikon

    OK but that’s not really a fix. The real problem must be some configuration setting of Real Downloader or Zune.

  9. Thanks for the simple solution. But now will Real Player work properly?

  10. BR

    Thank you!!!!!

  11. drew fox

    thanks! …and screw you microsoft!

  12. Thanks, that worked

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