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How to install Android ROMs with .nb0 file extension

Installing custom ROMs on your Android phone with Clockwork Recovery is easy – you can accomplish this in a matter of 6 minutes if you follow the procedure right. How about if you get a custom ROM with .nb0 file extension? It took me quite some time to figure this out. But, it’s simpler than the Clockwork Recovery process!

sutlr-application How to install Android ROMs with .nb0 file extension

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Download the desired ROM with .nb0 extension and unzip it to your hard disk (not on your phone’s SD card)I’ve compiled a list of working ROMs for Motorola XT502 (Commtiva Z71 variants), and some of them are .nb0 files
  2. Download this application, SUTLR v1.7.0, unzip and install on your computer (this sucks; please try to download this from some other server you might find)
  3. Connect your phone to the computer via USB
  4. Power off you phone and restart in DOWNLOAD MODE (for Commtiva Z71 variants – long press red button + volume up + power)
  5. Start the SUTLR application you installed in step 2
  6. Click next, locate your .nb0 file
  7. In the drop down below, select Erase user data and click next
  8. That’s it, the software will flash the .nb0 on to your phone

Your phone will reboot – as good as new!

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Thanks to Dex on Boston Mania!