sutlr application to flash .nb0

How to install Android ROMs with .nb0 file extension

Installing custom ROMs on your Android phone with Clockwork Recovery is easy – you can accomplish this in a matter of 6 minutes if you follow the procedure right. How about if you get a custom ROM with .nb0 file extension? It took me quite some time to figure this out. But, it’s simpler than the Clockwork Recovery process!

sutlr application to flash .nb0

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Download the desired ROM with .nb0 extension and unzip it to your hard disk (not on your phone’s SD card)I’ve compiled a list of working ROMs for Motorola XT502 (Commtiva Z71 variants), and some of them are .nb0 files
  2. Download this application, SUTLR v1.7.0, unzip and install on your computer (this sucks; please try to download this from some other server you might find)
  3. Connect your phone to the computer via USB
  4. Power off you phone and restart in DOWNLOAD MODE (for Commtiva Z71 variants – long press red button + volume up + power)
  5. Start the SUTLR application you installed in step 2
  6. Click next, locate your .nb0 file
  7. In the drop down below, select Erase user data and click next
  8. That’s it, the software will flash the .nb0 on to your phone

Your phone will reboot – as good as new!

Please share if you find this useful…

Thanks to Dex on Boston Mania!

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  1. Heh, sounds quite easy! It reminds me the good old times when flashing my Symbian devices.
    I will take a look right on this method at the time to flash my phone.
    Thanks as usuals.

  2. when i’ve the phone pluged (usb) and try to execute te SUT LR the phone can’t connect to computer, SUT LR say that “Phone is not conected”

    1. What phone do you have? Are the drivers installed properly? Also, you’ve to put the phone in DOWNLOAD mode and then connect it to the computer, and start SUTLR. Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Naren, DOWNLOAD MODE goes in some kinda weird loop showing the following line: Finish polling, oemsbl_mode_test = 1
    SUT wont work, and gives error always.
    Any idea on whats going on?

    1. Can you elaborate what you mean by SUT won’t work? Does it say phone connected or not? If the phone is not getting detected, it’s a simple driver problem.

      1. Sure, When in step 4 (Download mode) the phone goes in a looping state just showing this: Flash Men: SAMSUNG_ blah blah… Incoming download mode, Finish polling, oemsbl_mode_test = 1 (this last sentence lasts till I remove the battery, in other words, it never ends), while SUT LR fills the preogress bar in a second to finally show some kinda error related to “Task 1 of 2, Download Image…Init mode=Emergency Download Mode.

        1. Well, the polling will continue in a list fashion – nothing wrong in that. The SUTLR doesn’t recognize the phone? If that’s not the case, ‘m not sure what kinda problem you’re talking about. Are your sure of the .nb0 file? Make sure it’s downloaded properly…

          1. I know I’m replying to an old post, but in case it helps anyone else: look for Motorola XT502 GRECO Official Rom 2.1 and try to install that first. For me, it installed through SUTLR 1.7.0 even though I had the Finish polling, oemsbl_mode_test = 1 problem and other ROMs would not install (Emergency Download error). With the Motorola ROM installed, the polling message in download mode changed to another one, and I could install the last Phantom ROM (for now, enough of an upgrade for me, I was coming from Android 1.6).

  4. Hi Naren, good news (for meh :P) I got Recovery Mode again.
    RomManager has screwed my recovery with Clockworkmod, but thanks FASTBOOT its working again.

    BTW. Im pn stock 1.6 still.
    Now the question: In your opinion, which one is better (performance/battery/etc):
    SuperBler v4.2 or Jellybean?

    Eagerly awaiting for your answer my friend. You got a good sense of usability about Android ROMs.

    1. BTW, could you upload your original XT3 recovery please? I know it will be for 2.1 but maybe if I flash my phone with this recovery and then try to put an original XT3/5 2.1 recovery… who knows.

    2. I’ve tried SuperBler v4.0 and v4.1, but not v4.2. I’m running on JellyBean right now and I’m liking it very much. Try JellyBean :)

  5. Hi… I have Moto xt3 and i have tried the clockwork method for ROMs…but din like CM cos its buggy… so wanted to try out this method… I have followed all ur instructions but i gwt the foll error in SUT… Please help me…

    Update process fails with below error!Error Code: 0xf626Error: Task 1 of 2, Download Image(QC,OEM,AMSS,APPSBT,aBOOT,aSYS,aRCV,aSPL,aHID) fail,Error = QPD_ERROR_ARMPGR_hello_TBUFFER(0xF626).Init Mode = Emergency Download Mode.

    1. What happens when you try to restart the phone? In most cases, if you’re able to reboot without errors, the installation was successful. :) It happened to me too, but not sure if this is the same error you’ve mentioned above.

      1. No errors when i restart my phone… but still the rom is not flashed… :( I tried this with Cloclwork image, A88 image and even d stock img…Still no good…. Is there any other way of installing this … all d good roms come in .nb0 form…. Is there any way i can find the .zip version too…???

          1. All Phantom ROMs. Currently, I’m using SuperAosp RC2 without any major glitches. This ROM is not perfect, but trillion times better than the CM7! Waiting for Phantom to come up with his version of 2.3.4!

  6. Hi I installed tis Rom. after installation the IMEI no shows unknown. Please help

  7. Hi I installed SuperAosp-ST@-Boston-8.6-AW (2).zip Rom. after installation the IMEI no shows unknown. Please help

  8. Can anyone help us and show the way out. many seem to have the same problem, after installing SuperAosp-ST@-Boston-8.6-AW (2).zip Rom the IMEI No shows as unknown and the phone does not connect to the network. 

    Request help immediately.

    1. I know! sucks! I’m also a victim of this unreliable file hosting service as I get the links from boston-mania website. I can’t upload to a different site because my upload speed sucks over here.

      1. Hi Ubiquit Team:
        I had bricked my Moto Quench XT3 by rooting and then deleting the dialer. That resulted into “” missing error. In order to correct it tried to do factory reset. All hell break loose, it won’t go beyond Welcome screen. Upon googling learn about RSD lite. But that method did not work. Then I read your forum and it worked. Thanks. First it also it not do the trick. But then I read in this discussion that do a complete wipe and retry. It has worked. Thanks again.
        – Regards, Mehul

  9. my motorolla quench xt5 is stuck in the boot image. it shows the moto sign and enter recovery mode on the the top left corner what am i supposed to do ??? i am not able to install a new rom !! plz help i have cyanogenmod 2.2 
    !! thnk u 

    1. i also wanna switch coz cm7 is very buggy and my wifi doesnt work at all so plz plz help asap i will be very grateful thnk u !!!! 

  10. I tried to update my motorolla quench xt5 to android 2.3 , and after one mistake, my xt5 stacked in the boot image with moto sign. I lost half day on useless instructions. Only this guide helped me to install back android 2.1. Thank you.

  11. i update my phone 2.1 to 2.2 now it getting restart again and again…what can i do now…pls suggest

  12. For the ones Getting download error. it must have been the device need to be connected to the main usb root hub. like at the back of the pc. but sometimes even at the back of the pc, there is an extention for the root hub which is slower. only a theory I guess


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