How to root Motorola XT502 and install custom ROM

Motorola XT502, a.k.a Motorola XT3/XT5 is based on the Commtiva Z71 chipset, and it’s highly moddable. Modding the XT502 from Android v2.1 to 2.2.1 is as easy as typing 1, 2, 3…

Motorola Quench XT3 XT5

Concise steps (ping me if you want elaborate ones):

  1. Install Universal Androot and root your phone (you’ll now have super user access)download here
  2. Download ROM Manager (free version will do) from the market place
  3. Open ROM Manager, and Flash Clockwork Recovery (choose Commtiva z71, Boston from the menu)
  4. Backup the current ROM
  5. Download the most famous Cyanogen ROM from here (download the latest stable release) – it’s a zip file
  6. Transfer the zip file to the root of your phone’s SD Card
  7. Reboot in recovery mode – you can do this directly from ROM Manager or shutdown the phone and press and hold camera button + Volume up + power button
  8. Use trackball, scroll down and click on Wipe data/factory reset – click yes to confirm
  9. Use trackball, scroll down and click wipe cache partition – click yes to confirm
  10. Use trackball, scroll down and click install zip from SD card – scroll down to choose the zip file you’d transferred
  11. Click yes
  12. Keep staring at the screen displaying the verbose
  13. Reboot phone

Your Motorola XT502 will now be powered by Android 2.2.1.

Also note, the steps and the ROM mentioned above work flawlessly on other Commtiva Z71 variants (Spice MI-300, Boston, Apanda A60, etc)

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible if you end up messing up your phone. Rooting and installation of custom ROMs voids your phone’s warranty.

Naren Ubi

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80 Responses

  1. Mr007 says:

    Hey, is this ROM 100% working?

  2. Mr007 says:

    Hello Naren, does it work at 100% of its features? I mean GPS, FM Radio, BT, 3G and so on?
    Waiting for your reply.

  3. Sound_ick says:

    There are several ROMs there, which one is suiteble?
    or update-cm-6.1.0-Z71?

    • Mr007 says:

      Seems all of them, but as Naren suggested before, just choose the latest one.

    • ubiquit says:

      Even though the base is z71, some variants react differently to different ROMs. Well, in my opinion, the latest is always the best – go for 6.1.2. Or just wait a few more hours for my post on the top 5 ROMs for XT502 :)

      • Sound_ick says:

        Well thanks….that’s answer my question. Anyway, can’t wait to read your next post, please let me know if you did.
        Thanks a lot…;)

  4. Mr007 says:

    Hey Naren, a quick thought hit my mind today: What about if my phone comes with Donut (1.6)
    Where can I get the proper/original 2.1 from the XT5? for get upgraded to 2.2.1 after.
    BTW I will getting my unit from Amazon right now, and says 2.1 but, you know mostly the retailers got no idea what OS is running any device.

    • ubiquit says:

      If you’re getting an XT5 (not XT3, though both are identical), you will get it with Android 2.1! If it doesn’t, the official 2.1 ROM is available on (you have to use Google translate)

      • Mr007 says:

        Im getting the XT3, but in the retailer’s shop says it comes with 2.1, but what about if not? So thats why Im wondering if an original 2.1 ROM from XT5 will fit into my XT3… just in case.
        If it comes with Eclair, good, but if not… I wanna take my foresight ;)

        • ubiquit says:

          Oh, don’t worry about that! There are two types of installing custom ROMs. This post just mentions one where you root the existing ROM, install ClockworkMod and install from zip file. Just wait for my other post on how to install files with .nb0 extension – you don’t have to worry about the current ROM and rooting methods :)

      • Mr007 says:

        Cant edit post.
        Btw: Im an HTCMania member and Spanish is not a problem at all cause thats my main languange ;)
        Could you point me to the right thread where to find out the Original XT5 ROM, please?

  5. Nash says:

    Is there a way to first backup the stock rom before i can flash the new one…

  6. Mr007 says:

    Hi again Naren, as I told you my unit came with 1.6 (sucks) could you help me (detailed steps please) to update to 2.1 (or better version in your opinion).
    Thanks as usuals.

  7. Manishis says:

    Hi Naren, I have rooted the phone and when i tried to select the Commtiva z71, Boston option under Flash Clockwork Recovery, it’s giving me an error “an error occurred while flashing your recovery”.. please help


  8. Nash says:

    Hi, can i know how to remove the clockwork mod recovery and flash back my stock rocovery on XT502 and is it possible to get the stock rom for xt502 indian version as .nbo file? i wanna use it to get back my warranty to service my phones camera pls help..

  9. grace says:

    Will this erase my contacts?

  10. leo_vm says:

    tengo motorola xt3 xt502, y e trajo la vesion 1.6, se puede actualizar a 2.1 o instalar esta rom?

  11. x502user says:

    Hi, great post. Now I want to go back to stock 2.1 firmware. I backed it up with ROM Manager. I installed ROM Manager on 2.2.1, flashed Clockwork, then Restore, it found my backup on SD card, and rebooted phone in recovery mode. But it hangs there forever, and eventually turned itself off, probably drained the full-battery. Now it would not turn on at all. Please advise!

    • ubiquit says:

      Well, this thing happened to me more than twice in the past, and I stopped taking ROM backups with ROM Manager – to me, it’s quite unreliable. Better flash another ROM using SUTLR and then RESTORE the 2.1 using ROM Manager. Let me know if this works…

  12. Technogeekchris says:

    Hi, i need help.  I forgort to backup may original stock rom.  can you please tell me where i can download it andhow to restore back. please help. thanks…

    • ubiquit says:

      Frankly, you wouldn’t go back to the stock ROM after trying Phantom/Firetrap or SuperAosp ROMs. Feel free to explore other ROMs in this site, and have fun :)

      Just to answer your question, I’m sorry ‘ve no idea, where to get stock ROM. You can download the FOXCONN 2.1 firmware if you google.

  13. Kristjaceksoh says:

    Boston mania has it… go there and search “stock rom”… that site also has some good roms

  14. thanks to your guide added clockworkmod recovery. cm7.1 now. hoping that will be better than stock

  15. Chris says:

    I’m in need of some help. I just received a XT502 from my sister, it’s got Android 1.6 installed on it, so I’m assuming it’s a XT3.

    I just tried to follow the above instructions but I’m stuck… This is what I’ve done…

    1. Installed UniversalAndroot-1.6.2-beta5 and successfully rooted.

    2. Installed Rom Manager Premium v4.4.0.7

    3. Successfully Flashed ClockworkMod Recovery v2.5.1.3 with commtiva z71, Boston.4. This is where I am now stuck. When I select either “Backup Current Rom” or “Reboot into Recovery” it just freezes at the Motorola logo splash screen with nothing else on the screen and all I can do is physically remove the battery to turn it off.I’ve also tried booting into recovery by holding down camera + vol up + power. It does however come up saying it’s booting into Recovery in the top left corner when the Motorola logo comes up, but it doesn’t load Recovery, it’s just frozen again. I waited for 20min and still nothing…I’ve tried unrooting and rerooting again, and reflashing ClockworkMod Recovery about 8 times. But still no change….Please help.

    • Naren Ubi says:

      Get one of the .nb0 ROMs (search) and flash it. See if it solves the problem.

      • Chris says:

        Hi, Thanks for the reply… But that link doesn’t seem to give me an answer to my problem, or if it does, I can’t seem to find it… My issue is, after flashing clockworkmod recovery, I can’t get into recovery, it just freezes at the Motorola splash screen… I’ve tried reflashing around 10 times and still no luck…

        • ubiquit says:

          If getting into recovery is a problem, please try this and let me know if it helps…

          • Chris says:

            Thanks for the reply…

            I just tried flashing recovery with the guide above with the Terminal Emulator.

            It does not seem to work either. This is what I’ve done:-

            1. Installed Terminal Emulator and copied
            “recovery-clockwork-” onto root of sdcard.

            2. Opened Terminal Emulator and typed in “su” and the Permissions pop up came up and I clicked on “allow” which gave Terminal Emulator Super User access. And it changed the $ to #.

            2. I then typed in
            flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-clockwork-
            3. I get “flash_image: not found”…
            I typed everything exactly with the space between recovery and /sdcard aswell…
            Please help.

          • ubiquit says:

            I don’t seem to get something here :) .. why do you have to change the $ to #? I never worried about that when flashing.. can you try again?

          • Chris says:

            When I first open Terminal it starts off with a $ infront of where you type in commands, but then when I type in “su” and then hit enter, the $ changes to a # by itself.

            I’m using this Terminal app.


          • ubiquit says:

            Oh ok. So if it’s not able to find the file, it’s either file name problem or the SD card not mounted issue. The command works perfect for me.

          • Chris says:

            I just formatted my sdcard and installed everything again and just tried to flash recovery with Terminal again.

            I now have a different error when I try to flash recovery with Terminal.

            I get:-

            “mount: Device or resource busy”

            I rebooted the phone and I still get that issue.

            Any suggestions?

          • Chris says:

            I solved my problem with the “mount: Device or resource busy” problem. It was because I had my sdcard partitioned to use with Link2SD.

            So I have just tried a different brand new sdcard and fully formatted it with no other partitions and no other files on it except for “recovery-clockwork-”

            I just tried to flash it with Terminal again and now I get this error:-

            “mount: No such file or directory”

            Any suggestions?

            The file is there on the sdcard, as when I go into File Browser, it’s there…

          • ubiquit says:

            Strange issues ;) Do one thing.. download this and flash using SUT LR. Hope this SUT LR mode works for you (search my blog for a ‘how to’). See if you get the recovery after that.. :) Good luck!

          • Chris says:


            I finally just tried installing this ROM with SUTLR as I needed to order a data cable which arrived today.

            Unfortunately I get an Error when trying to flash. I get Error Code: 0xf626

            I then did a hard reset of the phone by holding Red Button + Camera + Power while phone is off. I did the hard reset 4 times in a row to make sure…

            But I still get the Error Code: 0xf626

            Any suggestions?

          • Chris says:

            Just giving an update:-

            I just successfully installed that CM7.0_final_z71+gapps.nb0 file above using SUT LR.

            As stated above, I was getting an Error Code 0xf626 when trying to install with SUTLR. But I got around that issue by pulling out the USB cord at the PC end when that error came up and putting it in another USB port and reflashing again and bingo, it worked :)

            I then tried installing ClockwordMod Recovery with ROM Manager which failed again (frozen at splash screen). But I tried flashing it in Terminal and it worked!

            So everything is all good now :)

            Just wondering what is the best custom ROM to use? I was thinking of installing SuperAosp 8.6 AW ROM, but if there is a better one that you recommend?

            Thank you Ubiquit :)

          • ubiquit says:

            EA 7.2 is one of the best.. try it.

          • ubiquit says:

            Great that you found the solution. power of open source and the human mind ;)

  16. Chris says:

    Hi, me again…

    Just wondering, in ClockworkMod Recovery, do you have to select “wipe data/factory reset” and “wipe cache partition” each time you change custom ROM? Or do I just select “install zip from sdcard”?

  17. Mushimalik says:

    Hi, all
    I am having problems backing up my stock rom…..the problem is the same as of chris….when it rebbots its says on the top left cornet “enter recovery mod” but does nothing and reboots normally.

    • MOnu_ZEus says:

      Try this

      Open SD card
      open ClockworkMod folder
      delete the download folder

      then using ROM manager re-flash clockworkMod. Try rebooting in recovery then.

      Hope this will do away your problem.

      Best of luck,


  18. prakash says:

    once i upgrade my device to 2.2 will i be able to get my old version 2.1

  19. ashok says:

    this software fuck my is only showing cargando…how can i reinstall it.

    • Naren Ubi says:

      Please state your problem clearly. How can a simple software fuck your mobile? I wonder..

    • MOnu_ZEus says:

      Hello Ashok,
      I too faced similar problem.

      I guess you’re trying to install this ROM after installing Cyanogen Mod and having Phantom Rom flashed at first.

      This what you can do.

      First you need to reflash the Phantom Rom(.nbo file using SUT-LR)
      Then try flashing this again.

      I hope this will work.

      P.S – This blog provides you ROM’s reviews, suggestions and help for free. Please try to keep the decency of the free services you’re getting.

  20. shane says:

    why Cyanogen ROM is not working?

  21. parth says:

    but in motorola website they mentioned that
    QUENCH XT5 XT502 Will remain on Android 2.1.

    and here you are upgrading it to 2.2.1 how it is possible plz reply and conform that can i upgrade it or not

  22. rohan says:

    hey i am realy in trouble … pls help like it says but it went like u said but after the process came to an end now it wont work …. cant even unlock it and cant do anything …. its totally stuck
    Successfully Flashed ClockworkMod Recovery v2.5.1.3 with commtiva z71, Boston.4. This is where I am now stuck. When I select either “Backup Current Rom” or “Reboot into Recovery” it just freezes at the Motorola logo splash screen with nothing else on the screen and all I can do is physically remove the battery to turn it off.I’ve also tried booting into recovery by holding down camera + vol up + power. It does however come up saying it’s booting into Recovery in the top left corner when the Motorola logo comes up, but it doesn’t load Recovery, it’s just frozen again…. i got this problem cant use any key ..

  23. rohan says:

    hey and i cant even reboot or do anything cause it wont ……………………………. all i can do if bring this reboot phone by pressing this power button but after that it wont let me use any key … pls help

  24. Alina says:

    I cannot use my whatsapp after installing this.. What should i do?

  25. Amardeep Batra says:

    install zip from sd card option is nt coming…what to do ???

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