How to toggle between 2G and 3G networks – Samsung Omnia W

Samsung Omnia W i8350 2G 3G toggle

This is a fairly simple process on Android and Symbian phones. But, how do you switch to 2G from 3G and vice versa on a Windows Phone like the Samsung Omnia W i8350 (Samsung Focus Flash in the USA)? Can you even toggle? Fortunately, the answer is YES!

However, there is no readily available graphical interface that will allow you to do this task.


  1. Open the phone dialer
  2. Punch in ##3282# – you will enter debug mode
  3. Touch the ‘…’ at the bottom of the screen and click on ‘settings’
  4. Now you should be able to touch and select either 2G or 3G, or leave it at ‘automatic’

I have selected automatic as the 3G signal inside my workplace is pathetic – draining battery juice. This ‘automatic’  setting is very similar to the Android’s/Symbian’s ‘GSM/WCDMA’ selection.



  1. Shiva Auradi

    Nice Man,
    I liked this post and it helps me lot,
    I was using HTC HD 7, LG E900, HTC Radar, there i use to find or toggele between 2G and 3G, But In Samsung I was not able to this helps me lot.

    Thanks a Ton for saving my day work

  2. Amy

    Lots of thanx.. It was apt and totally helpful..

  3. Shabba

    Very good if you find that the Automatic setting stops you sending SMS.

  4. Fix to “Unable to Dial ##3282 after Phone Update” Nokia Lumia
    Watch solution to ##3282 field test problem in the following youtube video:

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