iOS-7-issues-iPhone-4s iOS 7 issues on iPhone 4s

The colorful new iOS 7 comes with a few trade-offs. While a vast majority like this new splash of colors combined with functionality, there are quite a few iOS 7 issues out there.

Here’s what I observed on my iPhone 4s, after updating to iOS 7, and using it for 4 days:

  1. Battery life: Down by ~30%. Prior to the update, I used to get 36 hours out of my phone with fair usage – calls, music, browsing, WiFi, 3G, Flipboard, Facebook, Temple Run 2. Now, I make it to just about 24-hours, before the battery percentage slides below 15%
  2. Call quality: While the call quality is unchanged (very good), there’s a noticeable increase in the number of dropped calls
  3. Weather app: The inbuilt weather app (from Yahoo) is a little quirky now. I really miss the slick, graphic weather update from the notifications prior to the update
  4. Less app crashes: Prior to update, Google Chrome used to close upon opening more than 5  tabs – could’ve been a bug that was fixed for the iOS 7 release. On the downside, Chrome seems to consume more battery and I’m sticking to Safari now
  5. Wallpapers: I was never really a fan of the dynamic wallpapers on Android. And now, iOS 7 with its parallax effects – not my type. Well, these effects consume battery, which is already taking a hit upon normal use. By the way, I use the pics that I take as wallpapers and I’m content with that.

What are you observations upon upgrading to iOS 7?