Never been a fan of headphones, as my ears were pampered with good old 2-channel stereo sound from my Onkyo. I have been using some cheap Sennheisers over the past 4 years – for watching movies past midnight, and never ever for listening to music. For the money I paid, the Sennheiser MX series were too good with clear treble, bass and warmth. However, never really preferred them for music listening.

JBL-J33-headphone JBL J33 in-ear headphone review

With the decreasing frequency of me listening to music on my quaint stereo system, I thought it made sense to invest in good quality in-ear headphones. Bose was my preference, and it was out of my reach. Everyone went ga-ga over SoundMAGIC E10, but couldn’t find a place where I can demo this Chinese price-quality innovation. I’ve made bad buying decisions based on the so-called reviews praising a product – didn’t want to repeat that again.

In this earphone hunting process, I stumbled upon JBL J33 in-ear headphones. Well, bought it for JBL and A R Rahman! No regrets!

JBL-J33-white-headphone JBL J33 in-ear headphone review

Build quality

Aesthetically designed. Looks and feels premium. The pouch given for this is the only badly designed item – hard to fit this lengthy headphone. I instantly fell in love with the build quality and it’s flat less-tangle-prone cable. Not sure how rugged this would be after months of abuse.

Music quality

Sound stage: Noticeably wide stage when compared to my old Sennheiser – tested with this piece of sound manipulation. Love it!

Bass: I’m not a bass head. Sounds right and tight. Listening to this song – Unthan desathin kural and this – Tu bin bataye, was a real pleasure.

Treble: A little underplayed, but sounds crystal clear in most cases if you listen to high quality mp3/FLAC.

I never listen to the headphones at high volumes or in noisy places. So, can’t comment on the bass-treble ability of this headphone at such insane, head-popping volumes.

In a nutshell, JBL J33 is a very good in-ear headphone; excellent sound quality for less than INR 2000.