LeWa OptiMod ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones [screenshots]

Lewa Optimod ROM for commtiva z71 motorola xt502

Thanks to Kiran Malbul for the screenshots, and his inputs!

According to Kiran:

  • clean UI and graphics
  • some tweaks in build.prop
  • cool lock-screen


Lewa Optimod ROM for commtiva z71 motorola xt502

Lewa Optimod ROM for commtiva z71 motorola xt502

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  1. Agloanema

    looks like clean ui… have to test it!

  2. Yunus sharief

    Hi IAM USING V7500 all i need a favour guys my phone is bricked every thing is working fine.. the problems is my phone is not detecting simcard it says INSERT SIM EMERGENCY CALL ONLY.. when i showed it to SC they said they tried everything it did not fix and the motherboard has to be change so it wil cost me about 80% of amount of my handset.. please suggest anything to fix my phone or someone have broken handset of z71 please provide me its motherboard…:( 🙁 🙁

    thank you

  3. mp01juve

    Launcher FC’d on me after reboot

  4. Joel

    its better then the my ligux rom

  5. shreekant singh

    please anyone provide me stock rom recovery image for motorola xt502, i accidentally deleted my cwm image.. now m having troubles with battery n wifi on cm7.1. 🙁 please anyone upload that on sm site or mail me as attachment… please please….

    my id

    thanx, please help me out.. 🙁

  6. kuuko

    Slovak language?

  7. Rui Guerreiro a.k.a. Alpha_RG

    Here’s a ROM i made to look like ICS

  8. I have been transplanted to 32 ~
    Need to contact me!

  9. abhilash

    i have a v7500….it is similar to z71 expect for the trackball. the problem i am facing is that i have tried lots of rom…but with all the rom the problem is face is that i cannot switch off the device from the main menu and if it does work in some roms, i cannot switch it On unless i do a battery pullout.

    Another problem i have faced is that sometimes when i turn off and then turn on my phone , it gets stuck in the boot animation screen….i mean not in a boot loop but the animation hangs and nothing happens untill i re-flash a rom. also i noticed that with this problem if a start the phone after removing the sim card it works fine.

    Because of this strange problem i am not able to use my phone as its not reliable.

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