Like SoundCloud? Try Audiocloud on your Windows Phone

SoundCloud client Audiocloud got updated to version 2.0.10 last Thursday with a bunch of lovely features. Audiocloud has been developed to work on both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 devices, and as usual, with an added feature-set for Windows Phone 8 phones.

Audiocloud SoundCloud client

Audiocloud SoundCloud client ringtone feature

The new update includes the following:

Version 2.0:
- Improved data loading speed
- Improved track seeking function
- Replaced save ringtone function with more flexible create ringtone function
- Added Explore section on main page panorama; revamped genre list
- Added FAQ section
- Bug fixes

Windows Phone 8:
- Added save track to device music library option
- Added lock screen quick status notification for new sounds in stream
- Added English voice command support
- Added voice search

In my opinion, Audiocloud is the best-looking and best-performing SoundCloud client!

Download now, from Windows Phone Store.

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