LinkedIn on Android, oh finally!

LinkedIn application for Android powered phones

LinkedIn has finally launched its application for the ever-growing Android platform. Before you jump the gun and try looking for this application on the Android Market, let me tell you that it’s in early beta, and available only from the LinkedIn portal.

Minimum requirement: Android OS 2.1 or higher

LinkedIn application for Android powered phones

How to get the app for your Android phone:

  1. Visit from your Android phone
  2. Read the instructions and download the app (about 1MB) to your SD card
  3. On your Android phone, click on settings – Applications and check Unknown Sources (allow install of non-market applications)
  4. Pop up your SD card directory, and click on the LinkedIn.apk, and install

Join this LinkedIn for Android group, and post your comments/suggestions/feedback on this application. There’s already a long series of active discussions happening on the same.

First impressions:

  1. Really fast – lean and mean
  2. Can view latest updates, your connections, pending invitations and search LinkedIn
  3. Very less memory footprint, and resource usage – pretty good for an app tagged as early beta!
  4. LinkedIn mails (inbox) feature missing – might be included in the official version?

Can’t wait to use this app, on the go, to the max in the days coming up…

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  1. Amazing… I feel little difficult to connect with linkedin using my android phone. Thanks for suggesting me a solution. It works good. I like it:)

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