MIUI ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones [beta 2]

MIUI beta 1 ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones

This is the beta 2 version of the originally posted beta 1 ROM on, by Dipesh. This fixes a lot of bugs reported by the users from the comment section, and also from the direct messages to Dipesh on Facebook. Thanks so much for the valuable inputs!

MIUI for Commtiva Z71, BETA 2 changelog:

  • MIUI widgets working
  • Default mega themes with 1000+ icons
  • Bluetooth file transfer fixed
  • Camera zoom now fixed
  • Rotation speed increased (some what)
  • Battery icon fixed
  • No crash in settings
  • A couple of other things people requested
  • My own Fast3GLagFreeRamBooster™ Script
  • Resized some widgets
  • Removed Chinese
  • No lag in Play store
  • Fixed menu button bringing up keyboard
  • and a lot more…

If you find any bugs, Dipesh suggests you to first try switching some kernels. With the .35 kernel, WiFi works at higher speeds because of his script. (…the next thing that would happen is bostonmania shameless copying and pasting every word from this blog, without credits.) Please install, and pass on the feedback and suggestions via the comments section, or directly to Dipesh. Also, do note that Dipesh has done us all a favor by fixing the bugs in spite of his IIT exams. Please wish him the best of luck for his exams.

DOWNLOAD | screenshots more or less similar to the ones posted here on

UPDATE: Known issue – boot loop. Use this FIX to solve the boot loop.


  1. napya ninja

    stuck in a boot loop after flashing 🙁

    • This is a usual problem with CM7 ROMs. I have faced it many times with EA series. Try doing a full wipe and then reinstalling.

  2. napya ninja

    how many times should i wipe data and install. i always do that before installing a new rom.

  3. Nuno Campos

    I’m gonna try and tell you my feedback about the vibration bug :p

  4. Joel

    having the same loop problem as Napya Ninja…..and above that once it passes through that……..everything force closes……gonna stick to the beta 1 release

  5. Nuno Campos

    I have the same force closes has Joel !

    Which Kernell do you advise to use ?

  6. napya ninja

    changing kernel doesnot fix the problem !!!!! 🙁

  7. @All- I am sorry for this thing.. May be I have messed up with the adreno drivers… I myself hasnt tried flashing this beta 2 yet coz I have fried my sd card…
    Try flashing this after you flash the ROM may be it will work… This is the fixed Adreno Driver–
    If something else pops up after this plz inform… I will soon release the Beta 3.. SORRY \m/ PEACE\m/

  8. Nuno Campos

    Finally i manage to install the ROM.

    The kernel i’m using use is Fagulha’s aPT v2, i tried to use .35 (Edgar’s) but it gave me many FC!

    I still could not cancel vibration (in every ocasion it vibrates, even when turn off), and in the settings options some of the items give me FC to!

    Bluetooth and WIFI works very well !

    • napya ninja

      again stuck in a FC loop in setup wizard

  9. napya ninja

    ok our miui developer has made the above bug fixing flashable zip. try flashing it after flashing rom. but it gives many FC’s

  10. Nuno Campos

    Still not working. I only accomplished to install the beta 2 when install above beta1 !

    Menu “settings” is better (even so that fc it gave me) but vibration still the same :p

    Let’s wait

  11. Joel

    btw best of luck for ur iit exams……ur damn smart btw…im fucked with cet lol

  12. Sauarabh

    i m getting afraid to check …. though i have bit issues with beta 1 too .. friendcaster, fb messanger, viber … few apps just doesnt work … just confused what to do .. should i try this beta2 ??? abouve guys .. have u tested above mentioned apps … FC’s .. or working fine ???? kindly reply plz … thanks …

    • napya ninja

      no it isn’t working better stick to beta 1. its my advice or you might regret

  13. Joel

    no dont try this till beta 3 is out..

  14. I have messed up in this release…
    Next thing is going to be RC … Some LG P500 decs are helping me… I ll have a complete new base and a modified miui-framework.apk…
    And about the IIT.. Actually its not my thing .. I m concnetrating more on CET and AIEEE 😛
    Its in May…
    Those app fcs are becoz of lcd density I think.. Coz when I checked in Beta 1 I got All of them working

    • Joel

      lol me too with cet and aieee…………..but i do tp whole day….im gonna get fucked up real bad!!!

  15. Sauarabh

    @Napya Thanks for your concern.
    @Deepesh Even in Beta1 i was not able to use those apps. Waiting for new updates or ROM.

    I have found new ROM .. thats MyLigux .. i will try that.

    I dont know if i can post other blog link here.. so not mentioning .. If i can… then let me know .. i will post here …

    • I think you’re talking about the v6 beta of the Ligux ROM that was posted a couple of months ago. If this is the case, please can you install and send across (email id in about section) the screenshots? They will be posted with FULL CREDITS over here on this blog. Thanks for your understanding!

  16. Sauarabh

    its not the one you have linked. may be its updated something …

    i will flash in few minutes and give u the updates …. and yup will mail you SS too.

  17. Sauarabh

    Narenji, Please check mail. Have sent. Its just AWESOME ROM ….

  18. David Lin

    Hi Devil,

    This is the most superb rom i have flashed in Android 2.3.7.

    Luckily i hadnt face any problem mentioned by others, e.g. FC and loop of boot screen.

    I hadnt do any wipe and Just install the beta 2 from zip

    I’m using Kernel , with EAV7.2 CM7 (sth like that, i’m not sure but it is a nb0 file)

    Please give your appreciations to Dipesh, and you should be dealing with exams ? good luck mate

  19. Sauarabh

    Ohhhhh!!! Complete opposite … hope i should not regret that i didnt tried this ROM …. anywayz .. using LIGUX now … will try only when beta 3 comes up…

  20. ray

    good luck idol, and make us proud to your rom

  21. sharkbait265

    @Deepesh RedDevil, This is my favorite ROM so far and I can’t wait until you get all of the bugs worked out. How do I contact you about bugs I’ve found? I flashed the first beta ROM, the bootloop fix, the 2nd beta ROM, then the bootloop fix again. Still having a few problems but it works.

  22. ray

    the beta 1 is ok for me, but beta 2 it is always give black screen when i install it.

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