MIUI ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones [beta 1, screenshots]

MIUI beta 1 ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones

UPDATE: Beta 2 now available. See changelog for the bug fixes!

If you guys have tried the great-looking XPERIA-like ROM by Dipesh, then the newest one from him that ‘m going to post below will be irresistible! Look at the screenshots below – don’t you wanna install, test and report bugs to make this a superb ROM?

MIUI-01 MIUI ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones [beta 1, screenshots]

MIUI-02 MIUI ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones [beta 1, screenshots]

MIUI-03 MIUI ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones [beta 1, screenshots]

MIUI-04 MIUI ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones [beta 1, screenshots]

MIUI-05 MIUI ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones [beta 1, screenshots]

MIUI-06 MIUI ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones [beta 1, screenshots]

MIUI-07 MIUI ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones [beta 1, screenshots]

MIUI-08 MIUI ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones [beta 1, screenshots]

MIUI-09 MIUI ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones [beta 1, screenshots]

MIUI-10 MIUI ROM for Commtiva Z71 clones [beta 1, screenshots]

FEATURES (by Dipesh)


  • Based on official CM7 nightly
  • MIUI themes do work
  • MIUI Camera with all settings working – Explorer, music player, gallery, sound recorder, chargebar (replacement for battery icon), compass
  • MIUI Settings
  • Bravia Engine
  • Compact and page view of status bar
  • Power menu working in compact view
  • Built in highly customizable sms app with separate theme engine
  • MIUI style pop-up notifications
  • DSP manager
  • Timescape ™
  • Modded launcher
  • Many Build.Prop tweaks
  • Fixed MIUI clock
  • Updated Adreno drivers
  • RAM management
  • No need of task killers

BUGS FIXED: (by Dipesh)

  • Battery Bar
  • WiFi and Bluetooth work with .35 kernel
  • No random reboots
  • Perfect Music player
  • Bravia Engine
  • TimeScape™ 3d widgets
  • Better 3D performance
  • Better Auto BackLight
  • Removed Chinese
  • MIUI settings.apk


Please note that this ROM is a beta release. If you are installing and testing it, please do report the bugs in the comments section or directly to Dipesh (though I wouldn’t recommend spamming his inbox with numerous mails/feedback/bugs).


  1. Sauarabh

    ohhhhhhh… was just bugged with EAV 7.2 …. was looking for new ROM … thanks .. will def try this …

  2. Aaron

    someone post this on bostonmania so more people can try it out and provide feedback!

    • It’s there already. From this blog, there has been 75+ downloads in the last 24 hours. Did you download and test? Your comments on this ROM?

  3. Kaustubh Gaonkar

    MIUI thees are not working in my XT502 even wallpaper also doesn’t changes……..:(

  4. @All- Themes are working as you can see in the first two screenshots.. But still I assure you that I ll fix them completely in the next release…

    For people experiencing lags… Flash the zip file from the above thread… It will surely fix it 🙂
    Any requests and suggestions for the next release are welcome.. I m currently working on the battery icon … It is visibe at 100% battery 😛
    Trying to edit the Miui Framework and System UI… Any help will be good 😀
    Also removing the chinese from the inbuilt task killer which comes after ong pressing search button {TRY IT}…
    Thnx to all who tried it…

  5. But sad to say… There are some *ssholes sharing my rom telling people that they have made it .. Look on the 4pda forum and apt forum.. 🙁
    Very sad wiith such people :'(
    They get credit for my work

  6. Sauarabh

    few things wch i noticed ….
    1) no pinch zoom for pictures …
    2) in whatsapp … cant attach pictures … it says .. no application asign ….
    3) will check from the above link, about chaing themes …
    4) Fonts are too small …. difficult to read when outdoors …

  7. I ll include ICS fonts in the next release… And the MIUI gallery will be replaced with QuickPic .. It will solve the first two probs

  8. It still can’t change theme after flash file on

    Anybody can change theme? Tell me how to fix this.


    • napya ninja

      try creating a folder named “theme” in /data/system
      and then apply theme

  9. nikki

    Facebook messenger does not work. Even after the turbo zip file.

  10. nikki

    Facebook messenger does not work. Even after the turbo zip file. It force closes upon selection.

  11. nikKi

    Torch randomly turns on (happened 7 times on first day). Phone screen randomly turns off, but with the lights still on, so all you see is a Black screen, you’ll see the lights from the edges (happened twice, had to do battery pull).. Lock screen Wallpaper cannot be changed.

    • Ram

      Torch turns when screen is locked and you mistakenly press the home key(This is MIUI specific)! To switch it off lock the screen and press home key again.

  12. Sauarabh

    i dont think so above tweak file is something related to themes … its just for better performance…. even i have flash zip file … cant change themes …. even manually .. few things just dont change …..

    yes facebook messenger doesn’t work … friendcaster pro also doesnt work … and many other apps ….

    Hey Deepesh, I really appreciate your efforts for creating this ROM. and All the best for updates… 🙂

  13. Sauarabh

    suggestion …

    inbuilt … call recorder ….

    i also have moto defy .. and have install MIUI ROM … and there is a option for call record …

  14. mp01juve

    Torch problem as mentioned above. Also when i try to connect phone to computer via USB it reboots. otherwise nice ROM

  15. If you want to change unlock screen, try miui unlocker

  16. Sauarabh

    1) about torch .. what i have notice is .. when screen is lock and u touch home button .. torch gets on .. and gets off when u click on it again … atlst this happens with me …. may be some shortcut is assign …

    2) yes cant connect usb – pc .. gets reboot ….

  17. napya ninja

    for those people , whose theme changing is not working just do this
    – install root explorer
    -create a new folder named “theme” in /data/system
    – then try applying theme 🙂

  18. Kaustubh

    way to nappy!!!!!!

  19. Balaji

    it is not stable even after installing the Stable kernel man .nice look but bunch of bugs to clear
    1.malfunctioning of torch
    2.lock screen wallpaper not changing
    3.reboots nearly 3 times a day
    4.sensor calibration is not included battery indicator(some times) inbuilt player for videos
    Considering this the LEWA os is a step a head.
    need a update soon…

  20. Ram

    Nice beta! Following are things that i see:
    1) Battery percentage indicator does not work.
    2) Torch switching on as all other MIUI Rom’s. Can it be disabled?
    3) Battery drains a lot faster with 3G on and Wi-FI on.

  21. F**K if i only knew about the theme fix, i wouldn’t have had another problem.


    when trying to connect to pc, it reboots.
    the random reboots is depressing at times.

    i think it’ my cwm’s fault but after making a back-up it says md5 mismatch.

    havent figured other probs yet.


  22. ecstacy

    Lovely rom. Pls fix the above mentioned bugs and this will stay on my phone for quite long. Great work there!

  23. Suci Perwira Negara

    hallo bro, tested on Nexian Journey
    1. theme is not working
    2. always hits error on my fav friendcaster app
    3. also on facebook on android
    4. the font is is small 🙂

  24. shweitank

    hey deepesh…cant change themes..another issue is how to boot into recovery?? is cwm still works with this rom?

  25. shweitank

    i cant boot into recovery with cwm on this rom..i have installed this rom on EAv7.
    thus i cant even flash zip files.plz help.

  26. jay

    No signal. Can not connect to mobile operator. Wifi Works.

  27. Nuno Campos

    i like very much this rom, but even if i turn off vibration it always vibrate, always :p

    And can the developers put in portuguese to ? :p

    Many thanks

  28. Nikki

    Another bug too is although i have set my WiFi to never disconnect, yet it always does, and i will have to manually connect it

  29. cipi

    @Deepesh RedDevil
    “There are some *ssholes sharing my rom telling people that they have made it .. Look on the 4pda forum and apt forum..”
    Did you meam like this:
    What is your id on xda, if you had one.

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