MyLIGUX ROM [2.3.7 base] for Commtiva Z71 clones

MyLIGUX rom for Motorola XT502 and Commtiva Z71 clones

Thanks to Sauarabh Vasa, not only for letting us all know about this ROM, but for also installing and testing it!

MyLIGUX is based on LiGux-v3.2 beta 6, and you will like this ROM if you’ve used the other LiGux ROM (based on LiGux-v3.2-beta 2) that came out a couple of months ago.

The following screenshots are from Sauarabh’s device:

MyLIGUX-z71_01 MyLIGUX ROM [2.3.7 base] for Commtiva Z71 clones

MyLIGUX-z71_02 MyLIGUX ROM [2.3.7 base] for Commtiva Z71 clones

MyLIGUX-z71_03 MyLIGUX ROM [2.3.7 base] for Commtiva Z71 clones

MyLIGUX-z71_04 MyLIGUX ROM [2.3.7 base] for Commtiva Z71 clones

MyLIGUX-z71_05 MyLIGUX ROM [2.3.7 base] for Commtiva Z71 clones

MyLIGUX-z71_06 MyLIGUX ROM [2.3.7 base] for Commtiva Z71 clones

MyLIGUX-z71_07 MyLIGUX ROM [2.3.7 base] for Commtiva Z71 clones

According to Sauarabh, this ROM is very fluid, and comes pre-installed with Go Launcher and other Go Products. Apps like Friendcaster, messenger, Viber, etc are working in this ROM.

The biggest drawbacks with the old LiGux ROM were pathetic battery life and locking up on overclocking. Hope these are fixed in this ROM.


Please share your inputs if you install this ROM.



  1. napya ninja

    this rom has got the unique features which other ROms donot have like status bar colour changing ,system menu colour changing , market crack etc. i personally like this ROM . 🙂

  2. Nuno Campos

    Go to try this one, while the beta 3 of MIUI doesn’t come out :p

    • Nuno Campos

      Very good rom! For now i’m very happy with it :p
      Let’s wait for the beta 3 of miui, but for now very good indeed ! Agree with everything napya ninja said !

  3. Sauarabh

    yup … true …. thank god i found this … heheh
    one more thing, you can record call without beep … no other software to be installed …
    battery life too seems good ….
    yes need to stick to this ROM for sure … 🙂

  4. Sharief

    Hi friends..

    you all are doin very great work .. impressive roms so far i have tested almost all roms from UBI and boston mania blog but iam confused which is most stable..

    can anybody suggesst which is a stable rom at present . i need perfect rom please help i need to stick with it for a while because i have busy schedule for some days …

    thank you

    • tai

      CM7 EA v7.2 is a very stable gingerbread rom for z71 phones. I’ve been using it for several months 🙂

  5. mp01juve

    Great looking ROM. Like the keyboard and apps work fluidly. My favourite ROM of 2012 so far

  6. kartik

    I install this rom bt i have not network after installing this rom so now i what doing ? plz help me

  7. Shubham

    Very fluid rom. No force closes. No lags. I flashed it first over the CM7 build. Later on, did a full wipe and the results were brilliant. The home screen doesn’t need to reload everytime. The screen off music stuttering is still there though. But this thing looks great on my phone. Been using it since some days and there has hardly been any force closes. Yes, the best rom for 2012 definitely.

  8. Alfred

    Google Play Missing and cannot connect to wifi because it scans empty list but I am near to one.

  9. Bashir Khan

    All things is very good, but conference call option is not there in home screen or dailer.

  10. Sachin

    Google Play Missing???? How to get that???

  11. Ramnarayanan

    Hey there…..
    I had installed this ROM….Although the ROM is just awesome, I had to restore my original 2.1 ROM because of my studies on which I could not concentrated…so I just restored my backup…everything is working fine but when I boot the system, a box in which LINUX is written comes which did not go after uninstalling the rom too…I just dont like it…please tell me How can I get reed of that box????

  12. Aing

    file not exist,, can someone re upload pls pls pls

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