SetCPU and CPU Tuner are well-known apps in the market, and almost every rooted/kernel modded phone has one or the other. Nelson Giordano recommended to me, this ultra-simple and functional CPU controller – No-frills CPU Control.

No-frills CPU Control android application

If you’re one who doesn’t give a damn about the different profiles and priorities involved with SetCPU or CPU Tuner, then this app is for you. Just install, select the max and min clock frequencies, the governor and set the I/O scheduler to deadline.

Another best feature is that there is little chance of a boot-loop when you select ‘apply on boot’. Got a ‘safety valve’ that detects illegal shutdowns and reboots and prevents the app from applying the overclocked (and defective) frequency value. I haven’t got a chance to test this feature as the frequency (768 MHz on my Motorola XT502) seems very stable when set on boot.

Note: On certain phones, if you try searching for No-frills CPU, the market doesn’t show any results. Try searching for ‘dream cpu‘ and you will end up getting No-frills CPU as the first link.

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