Nokia Lumia 610 will definitely get Windows Phone 7.8 update

If you have watched the Twitter space for Windows Phone 7.8 news, it’s flooded with information/screenshots on Lumia 510, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 updates appearing on NaviFirm. Though it’s a known fact that Lumia 610 will not be left out, and that it will get the 7.8 update soon, it’s always good to know this from the Nokia developer blog.

See the screenshot below of a conversation on this 7.8 update:

Lumia 610 Windows Phone 7.8 update confirmed

Well, just a few more days for the update, I guess!


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  1. joann says:

    its already Feb 25 and i did yet receive the update of my lumia 610.. it thought they said that we’ll receive it on or before feb 18

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