There is good and bad news for people awaiting the Nokia Lumia 620 powered by the all new Windows Phone 8 OS. The good news is, it’s started popping up on eBay, and soon to be launched officially in India in the coming days (coming days – this is actually a marketing term from Microsoft that covers all 365 days in a year!).

eBay-Nokia-Lumia-620-price Nokia Lumia 620 pops up on ebay India for INR 20,000

Well, the bad news is, it’s listed on eBay for INR 20,000, which is way beyond the proposed $250-$290 price range. This means that the Lumia 620 might officially retail in that price range of HTC 8S – way beyond what many prospective buyers have been expecting. May be this price is inclusive of the ‘duty paid’ while importing. Well, this is all speculative, and only an official announcement in the coming days will give the exact pricing!

It’s a steal if Lumia 620 is priced in the INR 15,000 range, but highly unlikely as it comes close to the Lumia 710 underdog.