Rolling out: Tango update for Samsung Omnia W i8350

Windows Phone 7.5 refresh or Tango

Market location: India

Latest OS version: 7.10.8773.98

Those who have bought the lovely Samsung Omnia W i8350 (a.k.a. Samsung Focus Flash) in India can now update to the latest version of Windows Phone 7.5 – known as Tango or Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh.

Screenshots below, for you to believe:

Windows Phone 7.5 refresh or Tango

Post Tango update, Samsung updates the phone

If your phone doesn’t get the update notification, you may want to try this method. Let me know if it works.

Well, if it’s rolling out in India, I believe this should be available in most other major markets too. Give it a try!

Have fun with your Windows Phone!


  1. Pranav

    This 8773 is not the Tango update. This is a minor update. Samsung has yet not rolled out Tango. Really sad on their part.

    • Tango is minor update dude. Now you need to wait for 7.8, another minor one. Windows 8 will be the major update.

  2. aneesh

    guys…i think 7.8 will be releasing in the mid month of October.

  3. nike

    hey aneesh is there any official announcement about 7.8 update??

  4. holy shit

    the best windows phone in the universe but now its out of stock!!! can anyone tell when it is likely to came? plzzz its a pity request… just mail on ……..plzzzzzz i will be very gr8 ful 2 u…

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